WashingtonWatch.com RSS Feeds

WashingtonWatch.com makes a variety of RSS feeds available so that you can follow the specific information you're interested in. If you're unfamiliar with RSS (Really Simple Syndication), you can learn more about it here.

From the home page, we offer links to WashingtonWatch.com's two main feeds. The main feed displays all bills as they are added to our database. Entries are updated as bills reach key points in the legislative process, such as when they move out of committee, or when they pass one house of Congress.

The second main feed is the cost/savings-only feed. It displays bills that have received a cost/savings estimate. (These estimates change by small amounts regularly given fluctuations in interest rates and changing population figures, so you may want to select "Ignore Updates" if your feed reader supports that, though this may also cause you to miss updated cost estimates.)

On each bill page there are two feeds, one for comments and one for edits to the wiki. The "status" feed displays the current status of the bill and changes to that status. The "comments" feed will display each new comment added by WashingtonWatch.com visitors as a new item. The "edits" feed will display each new version of the wiki page as a separate item.

Finally, we have created a feed for bills that have passed Congress. Use the New Laws feed to stay aware of what bills Congress has recently passed into law.