Because WashingtonWatch.com publishes and hosts potentially controversial information about government and public policy, we take our rights and the rights of users seriously.

What personal information does WashingtonWatch.com collect and how is it used?

WashingtonWatch.com collects email addresses that are submitted by users subscribing to the WashingtonWatch.com Digest and registering WashingtonWatch.com accounts. We use them to send requested information, administrative information, and information about new features and services. WashingtonWatch.com will never publish subscribers’ email addresses or grant others permission to use them, except to fulfill services and communications by WashingtonWatch.com.

WashingtonWatch.com collects all information sent through our contact page and via email, treating these communications with the degree of privacy, confidentiality, and discretion that they merit, based on our judgment in each case. To the maximum degree we deem appropriate, we will assert our constitutional and statutory rights and the rights of users against attempts to subpoena or otherwise acquire user information.

Does this Web site use cookies?

WashingtonWatch.com uses cookies to enable the delivery of information requested by users. We do not correlate cookies to personal information and so can not use them to track identified users.

What other information does this Web site collect?

WashingtonWatch.com collects records of Web pages visited, click stream data, and other navigation information for administrative purposes including the evaluation, review, and improvement of the Web site. This information is not correlated to personal information and so can not be used to track identified users.

While we have made every attempt to make this policy as clear as possible, if you have any further questions about it, please contact us. If for some reason we violate our privacy policy, we will do everything required to remedy the situation.