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Huntington's Disease: Waive Medicare Waiting Period
Those diagnosed with Huntington's Disease, a hereditary, neurological brain disorder, for which there is no cure, are dropped by health insurance companies and forced to wait 24 months to become eligible for Medicare and receive treatment for this horrific disease. During this time, the damage that is done from not being treated is mounting. Sign here to help change that!!! (22 signatures»)

A cover for some type of government benefit which they seek ,something free or to operate a CASINO claiming they need it to maintain their non-existing Indian cultures.While true Indian Nations live in poverty and high unemployment on Reservations as high as 85% on some.The BIA was intended to support reservation and Treaty based Historic Indian Sovereign nations not heritage Clubs or"Individuals"banding together in the 20th century to form a so called tribe to get sovereign status for a CASINO. (5 comments | 9 signatures»)

Repeal The Agent Orange Act
The whole "agent orange made me sick" whine is BULL$HIT. The entire thing is nothing more than a veteran welfare program which pays BILLIONS of dollars to a group who deserve nothing. (5 comments | 16 signatures»)


Make American politicians know what American,s feel
If the politicians got a permant lay off,cut in salary,stop their expense account,stop all lobbyst and severly punished those guilty of breaking the laws--then America could see a big improvenment in our life. (8 signatures»)

"Don't let homeless children fall between the cracks!"
Please sign this petition for the H.R. 32 The Homeless Children and Youth Act of 2011 to be passed. It's purpose is to make sure that all homeless children are accounted for and recieve the same rights to education as everyone else. (6 signatures»)

Pass H.R. 108, The Disabled Veterans Commissary and Exchange Store Benefits Act
To amend title 10, United States Code, to extend military commissary and exchange store privileges to veterans with a compensable service-connected disability and to their dependents. (6 comments | 64 signatures»)

Let's Zoom to a Cleaner Future
The Natural Gas Act, H.R. 1380 would boost subsidies and other incentives for purchasing natural gas vehicles. Vehicles such as buses and garbage trucks have already switched to natural gas in many areas. People that find themselves strapped by fuel costs are giving Natural Gas usage a serious look. Simply, It's cheaper and we get about 98% of our natural gas within the US and Canada. (35 signatures»)

Credit Score Reform
I believe that a credit score should not be used as a criteria for employment. It doesn't matter if it's a financial institution or not. A criminal background history should be adequate. (12 signatures»)

Enough is Enough- Bring Our Family Members Home !
The fair sentencing clarification Act H.R. 2316 if passed will make the fair sentencing Act of 2010 retroactive to all crack defenders who were convicted and sentenced before August 3, 2010. (10 signatures»)

Moms Matter
If you think maternal health isn't an issue in the United States, think again. Sign this petition to get our country back on track. (6 signatures»)

Pass H.R. 1234!
the Equal Access to Justice Act was designed to help the Have-nots compete against the Haves. Unfortunately, Special Interest Environmental Groups have used this Act as a virtual litigation machine to bilk millions of tax payer dollars through unscrupulous litigation techniques. the Act Needs to be modified.

Pass H.R. 3012, The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act
It is unfair to differentiate talents by their birth place. (38 signatures»)

Stop Stealing Our Milk Money!
These old controls are costing producers and consumers more money than needs be. Let's push for this savings of $2.5 billion over the next 5 years!

SSI SAVERS Act & The Disabled Citizen
People with disabilities need an ability to SAVE some modest funding without risking their eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) under a new bill (H.R. 2103) proposed in Congress. (27 signatures»)

Elect presidents NOT because of how big there wallets are.
We need to create a system that prevents the use of money to effect who is elected as a president.

Legalize Marijuana
It's time we stop punishing people for using marijuana. More deaths every year are caused by cigarette use and alcohol than even come close to with marijuana use. (5 signatures»)

veto h.r 1234
i believe lumbee deserve a casino because we are a native american tribe (1 comment»)

End the Disabled Veterans Tax
This tax is so exclusive, only disabled veterans must pay for it. The greater the disabilities, the greater the tax the disabled veterans must pay. 100% disabled veterans, like me, forced retired after serving 19.5 years due to disabilities caused by my service to our country, lose all of their retirements. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not protect service-members, only civilians. Please sign this petition, ending this discriminating Disabled Veterans Tax. (2 comments | 6 signatures»)

Make things right
the government did testing in the late 50's and people that lived in certain areas were effected by the testing. This bill is to extend the area of those covered. I believe that all of Arizona, Utah and Nevada need to be covered. How can you say that one county was effected but one 20 minutes away wasn't. There is no factual way to prove that therefore I feel it should include those whole state, not just certain areas. (1 comment»)

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