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Equal Medical Rights for the Fort McClellan Toxic Exposure Veterans
Sign our petition to mobilize a Republican-led Congress to swiftly pass an important medical and disability bill for service veterans of Fort McClellan, Alabama. (10 comments | 447 signatures»)

No Automatic Pay Raise for Congress!
Sign this petition to oppose automatic pay increases for members of Congress and to support measures to limit congressional pay. (5 comments | 279 signatures»)

Huntington's Disease: Waive Medicare Waiting Period
Those diagnosed with Huntington's Disease, a hereditary, neurological brain disorder, for which there is no cure, are dropped by health insurance companies and forced to wait 24 months to become eligible for Medicare and receive treatment for this horrific disease. During this time, the damage that is done from not being treated is mounting. Sign here to help change that!!! (22 signatures»)

Repeal The Agent Orange Act
The whole "agent orange made me sick" whine is BULL$HIT. The entire thing is nothing more than a veteran welfare program which pays BILLIONS of dollars to a group who deserve nothing. (5 comments | 16 signatures»)

We Want a Transparent and Orderly Congress
People of all views and priorities know that Congress will do a better job if it does its work in the sunshine. We also believe that bills should not be rushed through Congress because that deprives us of our chance to have a say. Signers of this petition want a Congress that we can oversee and that does its work on time, all the time. (19 comments | 194 signatures»)

Pass H.R. 108, The Disabled Veterans Commissary and Exchange Store Benefits Act
To amend title 10, United States Code, to extend military commissary and exchange store privileges to veterans with a compensable service-connected disability and to their dependents. (6 comments | 64 signatures»)

Let's Zoom to a Cleaner Future
The Natural Gas Act, H.R. 1380 would boost subsidies and other incentives for purchasing natural gas vehicles. Vehicles such as buses and garbage trucks have already switched to natural gas in many areas. People that find themselves strapped by fuel costs are giving Natural Gas usage a serious look. Simply, It's cheaper and we get about 98% of our natural gas within the US and Canada. (35 signatures»)

"Help Save Our Hides"
It seems like we the American people get hoodwinked every time we elect someone into office. They seem to shed their skin like a snake as soon as they get to Washington. Lets not forget the incompetence factor that has plagued us for so many years. (6 signatures»)

Credit Score Reform
I believe that a credit score should not be used as a criteria for employment. It doesn't matter if it's a financial institution or not. A criminal background history should be adequate. (12 signatures»)

Pass H.R. 1234!
the Equal Access to Justice Act was designed to help the Have-nots compete against the Haves. Unfortunately, Special Interest Environmental Groups have used this Act as a virtual litigation machine to bilk millions of tax payer dollars through unscrupulous litigation techniques. the Act Needs to be modified.

The Lounge
A place for people here to just talk and (maybe) relax about... life, and politics. (67 comments | 7 signatures»)


Protect Our Most Precious Resource - Our Children!
The future is our children. They will create and shape society. We must protect them from damage, harm and trauma. Every child has the right to a childhood. Violence strips them of this right. Please help them by supporting bills protecting children against violence. (5 signatures»)

Breast Density increases cancer risk 4-6x. Mammos miss these cancers, patients MUST be told!
http://abcnews.go.com/Health/dense-breasts-breast-cancer-doctor-telling/story?id=14673580 How many more women will get this letter:"your mammogram is negative, please return in one year." and their doctor get this one: ""Impression: Extremely dense mammary tissue with no finding suspicious for malignancy. Owing to the density of the breasts, a lesion could easily be hidden and clinical findings in this patient would be extremely important."

SSI SAVERS Act & The Disabled Citizen
People with disabilities need an ability to SAVE some modest funding without risking their eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) under a new bill (H.R. 2103) proposed in Congress. (27 signatures»)

Congress has created legislation (in Public Law #112-74) to increase administrative fees for filing and renewing existing and new placer mineral claims by an egregious 800% and is forcing claim-owners to pay-up or forfeit claims that have been owned for decades, even generations. Sign this pettition to support your right to make a living on YOUR public property - against the time that paper money is worthless and you may have no other means of making a living!! (1 comment | 23 signatures»)

Toxic Ft Mcclellan
US Congress need to step up the plate and pass the bill for Veterans Administration to treat and compensate all veterans who are suffering health problem associated with being exposed to PCB and other toxic exposures to include vaccinations that is considered dangerous to humans. I am appalled that my country USA would do such to innocent citizens serving their country and then lie about it and not want to help us. You need to be ashamed of yourselves; repent and do the RIGHT thing. (4 signatures»)

Enough is Enough- Bring Our Family Members Home !
The fair sentencing clarification Act H.R. 2316 if passed will make the fair sentencing Act of 2010 retroactive to all crack defenders who were convicted and sentenced before August 3, 2010. (10 signatures»)

A Way To Open Doors ~ Another Take At It
Non-violent offenses are offenses nontheless, but to handicap a person for the rest of their lives for a minor mistake is harsh and somewhat of an offense in itself. Everyone deserves a "Second Chance" Please Sign this petition to support first time non violent offenders and their efforts at "Another Take At It" and extend their lives. (1 comment | 45 signatures»)

A cover for some type of government benefit which they seek ,something free or to operate a CASINO claiming they need it to maintain their non-existing Indian cultures.While true Indian Nations live in poverty and high unemployment on Reservations as high as 85% on some.The BIA was intended to support reservation and Treaty based Historic Indian Sovereign nations not heritage Clubs or"Individuals"banding together in the 20th century to form a so called tribe to get sovereign status for a CASINO. (5 comments | 9 signatures»)

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