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February 15, 2009, 6:46pm

Work & pay taxes for 30 years but lose your job and its not ok to ask your government for help? Thats a bunch of horse manure!. Joe the Plumber collected Public assistance 2 times and said he paid into the system so it was HIS right. Funny how the Republicans didn't criticize him during the campaign when he was campaigning for McCain/Palin. How about that Government official who spent $200.000 dollars to decorate his office & bathroom! How about the $60 BILLION spent in Iraq every month! How about the tax cuts that President Bush gave to the Wealthiest Americans! And lets not forget the National Debt doubled to $10 TRILLION dollars as of 10.1.08! and the economic mess he left to President Obama!. You bloggers with your hypocrisy, should take a step back & look in the mirror because YOUR political party was in charge of the White House for 8 years of which there would not even be a Stimulus package if not for President Bush!

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