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February 7, 2009, 12:57pm

The real ironic part of this is the stimulus fight is causing a further erosion of confidence and diminished spending (demand)& only increased demand is going to get us out of this & people are not going to spend now & since a good chunk of our goods come from China so even spending may not do it.The only high point is the layoffs are worse in China than here. I understand basic economics but how do you stimulate an economy through stimulating demand that has shipped a good chunk of it's manufacturing abroad. I believe the credit freeze is a big part of the problem but after that we have to get serious about trade. 20 Asian factory workers can be hired at the cost of one here. There is no way we can compete with that.Seems a funny coincidence that we had a flat economy since NAFTA & China got most favored nation status.Are import restrictions such a bad idea? What's really scary is we have to rely on politicians to solve the problems.(gulp!)Well at least George is gone!

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