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February 7, 2009, 12:06pm

Same story. The dems are trying to make up for no spending for 8 years under George Bush in one shot. The GOP as usual says no to everything but tax cuts.The problem is we don't share the same problems. Most GOP senators come from rural leaning states. Different economy completely. The politicians (Both parties)are all scumbags & concerned with only their own self interest but the GOP is relating to rural values because those people voted for them. It's like trying to explain the need for a subway to someone in Wyoming. Then they all try to hype and spin the issues until it's difficult to tell the facts from the spin. The facts are the economy is shrinking a lot of people are loosing jobs. We need to make decisions based on facts & sound economics not hype.Tax cuts won't work in the short term but The GOP are still saying no to everything except tax cuts.The dems will overspend but if my house was burning I would rather have too much water than not enough.Not much of a choice.

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