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February 3, 2009, 11:30pm

The legislation is not as important as correcting the initial problem related to home losses. The inaction of Congress to address the core problem and instead concentrating on wheeling and dealing in this massive $4300 per average family is a cost that should not be placed upon the American people.

Also I agree with the comment that we are referred to as consumers instead of citizens. I often refer to myself as a consumer and pro-consumer legislation.

It seems that since the tie is to consumer instead of citizen that they would not encourage job losses by moving jobs overseas.

Also, how can we try to push for jobs for those on public assistance when our current workforce is being set out o the streets.

Congress should concentrate on HR 225 for one thing and also on HR 384 to ensure that the second portion of the 700 billion goes to address homeowners as was described in the whole reason for the massive debt increasing measure.

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