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Sleeping Giant 2

February 2, 2012, 12:05am

I have combined an adaptation of Hayden's excellent refusal cover letter, excerpts from citizen's testimonials regarding harassment, a copy of the ACS I found online and mailed it to the Editorial Directors of the nation's 25 largest news agencies. I have also purchased 50 bumper stickers that say: 'Google "REFUSAL American Community Survey" as a down payment on my children's liberty. Please do the same.

Homeland security and emigration control are very important issues; however, the people working them cannot be allowed to trample upon our Constitution. They must propose a solution and put it to the people directly. We all know that it was just this type of information gathering that allowed the German government to carry out it's atrocities in 1935. Although it's hard to imagine that happening here, there are other abuses that are easy to imagine such as phone, home, and work place harassment.

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