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Disabled Cold War Vet

March 7, 2011, 7:00am

I didn't understand about the reply name.

You can see by the last post that this person is probably not a vet. Even if he says he is why would he say "sniveling brother vets" unless he is not one.

Truthfully, I am already a 100% service connected vet with all my benefits, that must irk him. Funny my fellow post members at the VFW don't treat me with disrespect, I was an elected officer of the post. These people are a group that will protest any veteran benefit as their posts represent. They get their jolly's knocking vets. They would love nothing better than to take away all the benefits vets have and dismantle the VA.

I feel sorry for their apparent mental problems and their need not only to state an opposition to this bill but to berate and knock the self esteem of vets that served their country honorably. All I see them do is sit on their butts and attack and bully vets. Remember most bullies are cowards and jealous.

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