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WashingtonWatch.com’s Most Powerful Advocate

The 114th Congress has been in business for just two months, but already over 2,000 bills have been introduced. That’s two thousand proposals to get the federal government into something, out of something, or to change the federal government’s involvement in something. That’s a lot to handle—too much for most people—and many of these bills […]

For the Couch Potatoes Out There

H.R. 2084, The Universal Right to Vote by Mail Act of 2011, would allow all eligible voters to vote by mail in federal elections.

Get Your Voting Info Here!

There’s a difference between politics and policy. Policy is about what bills are in Congress and what they mean. Politics is the about which people you think should represent your policy views. We mostly stick to policy here. We try to help you know more about policy, so perhaps you can do a little bit […]

Vote on the Latest Senate Bills

The Senate has taken off for the rest of August. And like members of the House, senators introduced a whole bunch of bills just before going into recess. The very latest are listed below. You can express your opinion with a quick vote on any or all of them—at least the ones whose meanings you […]

Wartime Internment: A Lopsided Vote

H.R. 42, the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Latin Americans of Japanese Descent Act, has been scored by the Congressional Budget Office. It’s cost is pretty close to zero. (One penny for a family of seven.) As the name suggests, the bill would set up a commission to study the treatment of Latino […]

Wanna Know Vote Counts?

I’ve been traveling all this week and haven’t kept up with the regular blogging I try to do here. Sorry to those of you who live for the gems that show up on this blog. (Anyone? Anyone?) Congress is out this week, so it’s a good time to not pay attention to them and spend […]

2008 Year-End Statistics

Before we roll into February, we should probably issue some year-end statistics for 2008. It was a fun and exciting year, what with the presidential election and all, and traffic to WashingtonWatch.com grew at a healthy clip. We had just over 1.1 million unique visitors, and served them just over 2.1 million pages of information. […]

Did Voters Punish Vote-Switchers and Financial-Crisis-Causers?

Voters took a scythe to the Members of Congress who switched their votes to pass the financial services bailout legislation in October and those whose votes in 2000 set the stage for the financial crisis. Except . . . it was a very dull scythe. Maybe one without a blade. Of the 59 people featured […]

Good Luck to All the Candidates – We’ll Be Watching

Here’s why you should vote, even if you think your favorite candidate is already destined to win or lose. And while a lot of people treat this as the end of the political season, it’s not. It’s the beginning of the policy season – the season when things actually happen. Your mental attitude may be […]

WashingtonWatch.com Digest – November 3, 2008

Here’s a special WashingtonWatch.com email newsletter for this week. Subscribe here. email newsletter | tell a friend | wiki | about | home | log in On Voting The long, somewhat exhausting presidential campaign wraps up tomorrow. Pundits are treating the election as fairly well decided, and many Americans may pass up their chance to […]