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The WashingtonWatch.com Blog’s 2010 in Review

With an eventful year drawing to a close, we thought we’d look back on 2010 in the WashingtonWatch.com blog. Many things happened in the world of public policy and politics. We focused on some of them… Our first post of 2010 dealt with one of the nation’s most pressing issues: the Tiger Woods scandal. The […]

No Medal for Tiger

It barely deserves mention, but in early December, Congressman Joe Baca (D-CA) dropped his effort to get Tiger Woods a congressional gold medal. The reason why this is noteworthy? Because Baca’s change of heart follows a WashingtonWatch.com blog post calling the award of a medal into question. This is important evidence of the power of […]

Might Wanna Hold Off on Giving Tiger That Gold Medal

Questions and speculation continue to swirl about Tiger Woods’ recent late-night car crash near his home. Hopefully, his lawyers and public relations people will kill off the story over the next week or so, letting him return to being an excellent golfer while he takes care of whatever personal issues he might have. In the […]