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Earmarks 2011: 39,000+ and $130 Billion

Today, we roll out a database of earmark requests for 2011 along with our partners in data collection, Taxpayers for Common Sense and Taxpayers Against Earmarks. Recall that, last year, WashingtonWatch.com users crowd-sourced the first-ever earmark request database. With that shining example out there, in January President Obama called for a state-of-the-art earmark database, obviously […]

Earmarks — Will Senate Republicans Swear Them Off or Not?

[Update: Senate Republicans likely to forswear earmarks.] Next Tuesday (11/16), the Senate Republican Conference will meet to organize themselves for the new Congress, which starts in January. Among the issues on the table: whether they will continue to seek earmarks. As Politico reports: Last March, two dozen Senate Republicans joined South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint […]

Taxpayers Against Earmarks Debuts

Taxpayers Against Earmarks is a new effort to rid the federal legislative process of some of its most acute horse-trading: earmarks. Find it at the cleverly named URL, EndingSpending.com. We’ve worked to generate earmark transparency here at WashingtonWatch.com. Here’s our earmarks main page, and you should expect to see FY 2011 earmarks there soon. There’s […]