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The Payroll Tax Holiday, Extended at the Holiday

You can sleep well, America. Your payroll tax holiday will continue for the first two months of the new year. Don your stocking caps and wait for Santa Claus, if that’s your thing. House Republican leaders took a beating last week, as their press for a full-year payroll tax holiday in 2012 was outmaneuvered by […]

How to Run Out of Money But Still Write Checks

H.R. 2581 would provide that “the public debt limit shall not affect timely payment in full of Social Security benefits.”

And Then There’s the House Conservatives’ Budget

That’s H.Con. Res. 37. We’ll update you when the text of the plan, and thus our cost estimate, is available, but a release from Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) has the following summary information about the Republican Study Committee (“RSC”) budget: While the Ryan budget leaves Social Security largely untouched, the RSC plan proposes to strengthen […]

Budget Battle: A Senate No-Show and a Presidential Do-Over

House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) spending blueprint will go to the House floor this week. (It has yet to be introduced, so we can’t point you to the page for it.) It’s the House counterpart to the president’s budget plan, which we discussed briefly in an earlier post. By April 15th, the House […]

Your Federal Tax Receipt

Where did your tax money go? The folks at Third Way have put together a handy calculator to tell you how the money you pay in taxes gets divided up. Check out Your Federal Tax Receipt. And then sit back and wait for that “thank you” note from the parent or grandparent of yours on […]

Your Kid is Gonna Have to Wait to Collect Social Security

You okay with that?

Now THAT’s a Spending Bill!

More than $7,400 per U.S. family is what the Senate Labor/HHS appropriations bill would spend. S. 3686 would spend money on the Department of Labor, the Department of Health and Human Services, and various programs in that vein. Some of the bigger chunks are Medicare and Social Security. Wanna see ’em all? Scroll down… This […]

The President’s Budget—Agency by Agency

The release of the president’s budget last week kicked off the planning process for fiscal year 2011, which begins October 1st. We reviewed the schedule and the total cost of the budget—$39,000 per family—in a blog post last week. A lot of statistics come out with the budget, including an agency-by-agency run-down of the president’s […]

Stimulus Money Sent to Dead People

“What are they doing with our money? I mean, are they just giving it away? This is our money!” So asks one woman, who received a $250 check made out to her father. He passed away 35 years ago. And the answer is, Well, yes! That’s what the economic stimulus is all about – giving […]

Following the National Debt on Twitter

I’ve done a couple posts here on the national debt – the inability of the national debt clock in New York City to handle the rollover to $10,000,000,000,000.00, and the freezing of the Treasury Department’s online national debt clock, now resolved. The other day, through the WashingtonWatch.com Twitter feed, I discovered a service that will […]