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Budgetless Spending Continues

It wasn’t us, certainly. It was an innate sense of guilt that undoubtedly got the Senate Appropriations Committee to defend Congress’s failure to pass a budget by the April 15 deadline. It appears as though Congress will not do a budget at all this year. In our “Spending Without a Budget” post last week, we […]

You’ve Been Had

That Donald Trump is sure a piece of work. The thing with Fox News’s Megyn Kelly? Wow. The Republican party leadership doesn’t want him there, but how do they get rid of him without inducing a third-party run? That would sap Republican votes. It’s a good time to be a Democrat. (Shhhh. Don’t interrupt while […]

The Border Crisis Bill that Matters

Dozens of bills have been introduced about the crisis at the United States’ southern border, which is seeing the arrival of thousands of unaccompanied children. The bill that matters is S. 2648. It also helps pay for wildland firefighting and Israel’s “iron dome” anti-missile system. S. 2648 is Senator Barbara Mikulski’s (D-MD) spending bill aimed […]

Budgeting and Spending Failure: Where’s the Outrage!?

The new fiscal year starts on October 1st. That’s less than two weeks away. And almost a full slate of spending bills for the coming year have been introduced in the Senate. That’s right—the Senate has only just begun working on spending plans for the new fiscal year. The House has introduced a mere two […]

Bingaman Gets Paid to Flout Approps Rules

Judging by his earmark disclosures, Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) seems to have said “To hell with you!” to the Senate Appropriations Committee and its earmarking rules. But the committee is doling out money to him anyway. It seems rules were made to be broken. In March, the committee issued a press release reiterating its rules […]

The Senate is Moving Spending Bills

. . . except for the big ones. The Senate Appropriations Committee has really gotten into gear in the last couple of weeks, moving eight of the twelve spending bills that are supposed to pass by October 1st. But it hasn’t moved the Defense or Labor/HHS bills, which are consistently the biggest of the bunch—more […]

Earmark Requests Going Online—But in the Wrong Formats

As required by rules instituted last year, members of Congress are posting their earmark requests online. And in a small improvement over past practice, the House Appropriations Committee  is posting links to all those pages (in alphabetical order and by state). The Senate Appropriations Committee is doing the same. So, great. You can go […]

The Earmark Disclosure Hall of Shame

Our earmark data-collection project has been a smashing success, and our intrepid earmark hunters have put over 34,000 earmark requests into the database. Less than 60 members of Congress and senators remain, but the going is getting tough. Why? Because some disclosures were in the worst possible format: scanned PDFs. It’s a huge chore to […]

Appropriations Leaders and Their Earmark Requests

We’re at a whopping 30,000 earmark requests in our database – just crossed over that number tonight – and one of our intrepid earmark hunters finally entered the requests of Senator Daniel Inouye (D-HI), the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. That means we have both Appropriations chairmen. So let’s look at the people who […]

Wanted: Appropriators!

As we get closer and closer to finishing our earmarks project, there are interesting and fun ways to select whose earmarks we go after next. How about the people who move the money around: Appropriators! These are the folks who sit on the committees that make the actual spending decisions. The earmark requests of several […]