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Your Chance to Advance Government Transparency

Look on this list—do you see your state? If so, here’s your chance to advance government transparency. Connecticut, Maine, Michigan, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Delaware, Arizona, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, Montana, Kansas, Alaska You see, a senator from each of these states sits on the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee in the Senate. […]

Earmarks — Will Senate Republicans Swear Them Off or Not?

[Update: Senate Republicans likely to forswear earmarks.] Next Tuesday (11/16), the Senate Republican Conference will meet to organize themselves for the new Congress, which starts in January. Among the issues on the table: whether they will continue to seek earmarks. As Politico reports: Last March, two dozen Senate Republicans joined South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint […]

What is “Deeming,” Anyway? The Health Care Debate

Could the massive health care overhaul be “deemed” passed without the House taking a vote on it? That’s what they’re talking about this week. Let’s try to unpack what the heck is going on. And let’s try to have fun doing it! First, a little history: In December—Christmas eve, specifically—the Senate passed a health care […]

Congress as Anti-Santa: Its Time to Actually Change

This past week, we saw news that a package deal on a “jobs” bill between Democrats and Republicans was scuttled. According to the AP, “Senate Democrats balked at a broad[] bill stuffed with unrelated provisions sought by lobbyists for business groups and doctors.” That’s out, so it’s in with the new: The centerpiece of [Senate […]