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Senate Declines to Close Big Oil Tax Loopholes

The comments on S. 940 represent an interesting cross-section of perspectives on whether oil companies should lose tax deductions—some comment on Congress, too, of course. Earlier today, the Senate declined to move forward with the bill, voting 52-48 in favor of continuing debate. But the “aye” side required 60 votes to win. So the “big […]

Drill, Baby, Dr—Hold it!

Just a month ago, President Obama came out with a plan to allow some offshore drilling and reject some other planned drilling. The oil spill in the Gulf Coast could throw all this planning into disarray, but it doesn’t look like the president is ready to back away from drilling. The United States relies heavily […]

Obama on Offshore Drilling

President Obama is set to allow oil drilling 50 miles off Virginia’s shorelines, but he is rejecting some new drilling sites that had been planned in Alaska. This all according to an AP report out today about an announcement the president will make tomorrow. It’s all part of a complex game where the president may […]

The New Congress Roars Out of the Gate

More than 350 bills were introduced in Congress on its first day yesterday. At that rate, we’ll easily rocket past 10,000 bills, and past the last Congress’ record of over 11,000 bills. (And of course that rate won’t actually continue.) We’ll be adding the new bills to the database throughout the day, but what an […]

The Airline Oil Spin

A little over a month ago, I wrote here about the debate on oil speculation. One of the commenters on S. 3268, The Stop Excessive Energy Speculation Act of 2008 had pointed to a Web site called Stop Oil Speculation Now. I speculated (ahem) that this commenter might be a spinmeister for that campaign. Whatever […]

To Drill or Not to Drill

I wrote about the campaigning on S. 3268, the Stop Energy Speculation Act of 2008, here a few days ago. The debate has taken a new twist as Republicans have pushed to expand domestic oil production as the preferred way of controlling energy prices. Well, the World Wildlife Fund wants you to know that oil […]

Environmental, Energy, Economic, and National Security . . . and a Pony

We’re back on energy issues, with the introduction of a bill to solve every last problem with one fell swoop. And we’ll all get a pony. According to its statement of intent, H.R. 6529 would “greatly enhance the Nation’s environmental, energy, economic, and national security by terminating long-standing Federal prohibitions on the domestic production of […]