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The WashingtonWatch.com Blog’s 2010 in Review

With an eventful year drawing to a close, we thought we’d look back on 2010 in the WashingtonWatch.com blog. Many things happened in the world of public policy and politics. We focused on some of them… Our first post of 2010 dealt with one of the nation’s most pressing issues: the Tiger Woods scandal. The […]

Surfin’ the News

When bills are introduced in Congress to capitalize on the latest news, I call those “wakeriders.” With little else going on in Congress—and plenty going on in the real world—Members of Congress are making their pitches for attention. Two new bills stand out. S. 3308 would suspend oil production activities in the outer Continental Shelf […]

Obama on Offshore Drilling

President Obama is set to allow oil drilling 50 miles off Virginia’s shorelines, but he is rejecting some new drilling sites that had been planned in Alaska. This all according to an AP report out today about an announcement the president will make tomorrow. It’s all part of a complex game where the president may […]

To Drill or Not to Drill

I wrote about the campaigning on S. 3268, the Stop Energy Speculation Act of 2008, here a few days ago. The debate has taken a new twist as Republicans have pushed to expand domestic oil production as the preferred way of controlling energy prices. Well, the World Wildlife Fund wants you to know that oil […]

Environmental, Energy, Economic, and National Security . . . and a Pony

We’re back on energy issues, with the introduction of a bill to solve every last problem with one fell swoop. And we’ll all get a pony. According to its statement of intent, H.R. 6529 would “greatly enhance the Nation’s environmental, energy, economic, and national security by terminating long-standing Federal prohibitions on the domestic production of […]