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Tardy, Late, and Out of Date

Friday, January 2nd was the very last day of the 113th Congress. The House was in session for a little under eight minutes. At the end of that eight minutes, the 113th Congress was adjourned sine die, which means “for good.” The 114th Congress will start soon. When a Congress ends, all the bills that […]

There’s a New Congress—But What’s With All These Bills?

If you’re paying close attention, you still see thousands of bills from the recently past 111th Congress here on WashingtonWatch.com. Well, we’re leaving them there for the time being so that conversations on some of the bills can continue. Before too long, we’ll mothball those pages, which will cut off commenting, voting, and such (though […]

They’re Baaaaacckk!

New bills introduced yesterday in the Senate include a permanent extension of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, the subject of this recent blog post.

Vote on the Latest Senate Bills

The Senate has taken off for the rest of August. And like members of the House, senators introduced a whole bunch of bills just before going into recess. The very latest are listed below. You can express your opinion with a quick vote on any or all of them—at least the ones whose meanings you […]

New Bills!

With Congress having been out for two weeks, it’s almost exciting to see some new bills introduced. Here are the latest. Click on the links to cast the first vote on whether they should pass or fail. S. 3192, A bill to amend title 38, United States Code, to provide for the tolling of the […]

The Omnibus is H.R. 1105

Introduced yesterday and up on the site today, the omnibus spending bill is H.R. 1105. We’ve been waiting to get a look at it for weeks. The version posted online yesterday was in a hard-to-use format, but it is now available in at least a printer-friendly format. (Go here and click on “read the bill.”) […]

111th Congress, Week One: Over 600 Bills Introduced

The 111th Congress didn’t waste any time. Over 600 bills were introduced last week, its first week of action. The full tally of measures introduced is actually 740, but that includes non-substantive bills, housekeeping measures, and such. (We only display the substantive stuff – and we exclude bills to rename post offices too. Let us […]

The New Congress Roars Out of the Gate

More than 350 bills were introduced in Congress on its first day yesterday. At that rate, we’ll easily rocket past 10,000 bills, and past the last Congress’ record of over 11,000 bills. (And of course that rate won’t actually continue.) We’ll be adding the new bills to the database throughout the day, but what an […]

Because 11,000 Isn’t Enough . . .

New bills introduced in the Senate yesterday! (Bringing the tally even higher.) S. 3718 A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to suspend the taxation of unemployment compensation for 2 years S. 3719 A bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to suspend the minimum required pension distribution rules for […]

Speaking of the Inauguration . . .

A new bill in the Senate would outlaw the selling and counterfeiting of tickets to the inauguration. D’ya actually think it was legal before? No, counterfeiting and selling tickets to an event like that is common law fraud, which is illegal everywhere. But it’s nice to see some new bills after so many weeks off. […]