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The Spending, It’s Never-Ending

It’s the middle of appropriations season, the time of year when Congress spends money on the operations of the federal government for the coming 2016 fiscal year. But those aren’t the only kind of spending bills. Along with appropriations bills, you’ve got authorization bills, the ones that authorize the spending that Congress does when it […]

I Want Your Money for the Virgin Islands—How Much is Not Your Business

Donna Christensen (D) is the delegate to the House of Representatives from the Virgin Islands. A “delegate” is a is a non-voting member of the House elected from a U.S. territory (and the District of Columbia). Delegates are paid like regular members of Congress, they serve on committees, and they have many of the same […]

The Year in FY 2010 Spending—in Review

While you were watching the big health care debate, the fiscal year 2010 spending process was going on underneath your radar. Congress allocated more than $20,000 per U.S. family in spending during the fall. Do you know where it went? If you don’t, perhaps it’s because the annual spending process once again went off the […]

The Latest on Annual Spending

Congress didn’t finish the annual spending process by the beginning of the new fiscal year October 1st. It has passed some of the bills that run the government, but most of the government has been running on temporary spending measures, called “continuing resolutions.” Here’s a run-down of the action so far: On October 1st, the […]

FY 2010 Spending Tracker Updated

. . . with a Senate agriculture spending bill ($1,110), and a Senate military/veterans spending bill ($1,300). The House Interior spending bill has been voted on in the relevant Senate committee. The new version of that bill costs $335 per U.S. family.

FY 2010 Spending Tracker

Congress is well into the process of passing the twelve spending bills that dictate federal government spending for the 2010 fiscal year, which begins October 1, 2009. We’ve produced a table to track the House and Senate bills, their costs, and votes on them, as well as votes on final passage of the compromise bill […]

Appropriations Update

Over the weekend we reported on the annual spending process getting into full swing. Well, it’s keepin’ on swingin’! As I write the House is debating H.R. 2892, the Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2010. That bill spends about $450 per U.S. family on running the DHS. The House has already passed H.R. 2847, […]

Annual Spending Process: Nothing to Report

When is nothing happening newsworthy? How about when Congress spends thousands of dollars per U.S. family without oversight. With just over two weeks to go before the beginning of the new fiscal year October 1st, neither the House or the Senate have introduced all the annual spending bills, and none have passed into law. These […]

Congrats, New Members of EPA’s National Priorities List!

In not one, but two proposed regulations, the Environmental Protection Agency is adding new sites to the National Priorities List. Maybe one of them is in your home town! Our congratulations go out to: Iron King Mine–Humboldt Smelter in Dewey-Humboldt, AZ Nelson Tunnel/Commodore Waste Rock in Creede, CO Flash Cleaners in Pompano Beach, FL Aberdeen […]

You’re Paying For It: Study of Internet Access in Libraries

The variety of things your government does is nearly endless. Here’s an announcement by the Institute of Museum and Library Services in the National Foundation for the Arts and Humanities that they will be studying the impact of free access to computers and the Internet at public libraries. (Yes, there’s an Institute of Museum and […]