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Shutdown Over!

Late Wednesday this past week, the House and Senate passed a bill to reopen the parts of the government that were closed in the shutdown. H.R. 2775 was the bill. Originally a bill to require verification of household income for people receiving health insurance subsidies under Obamacare, it became the Continuing Appropriations Act, 2014. President […]

From Shutdown to Debt Limit

The government shutdown that began when the House and Senate couldn’t agree on federal spending for fiscal year 2014 continues. It’s an odd shutdown, as we noted last week, but it is what it is. The House continues to introduce and pass “mini-CRs”—continuing resolutions that temporarily fund small parts of the government. The latest examples: […]

The Non-Shutdown, the Super-Shutdown, and the House’s Latest Tactic

A week in, it’s on odd federal government shutdown, that’s for sure. In some respects, it’s less of a shutdown than it seems, and in others, it’s more of a shutdown. The House has a plan. We’ll see what comes of that. By one account—a Republican Senate Budget Committee source—as much as 87% of the […]

We Were Wrong—and the Government May Soon Shut Down!

No, it’s not our failure to read the tea leaves that threatens a government shutdown. But when we updated you on the spending situation last week, we thought that the House leadership would move a government funding bill that avoids a fight on Obamacare. They didn’t. Instead, the House last week passed a spending bill […]

Why Wait for a Shutdown?

H. Con. Res. 56 would express the sense of Congress that Members of Congress, the President, and the Vice President should donate their salaries to the Treasury for reducing the national debt if members of the Armed Forces do not receive pay or allowances because of a shutdown of the Federal Government or because the […]

Shutdown Politics

Yet another government shutdown looms. At the end of the week, the current “continuing resolution” will run out. The government can’t run without Congress’ authorization to spend money, so House Republicans are negotiating with Senate Democrats and the president about what comes next. In 1995, Republicans took most of the political blame when there was […]

Shutdown! — Once Again Averted

The government’s impending shutdown—yet another—won’t happen. The latest reports have it that Congress will pass another short-term government funding bill. The bill is H.J. Res. 48. H.J. Res. 48 would fund the government from the time the current temporary spending bill expires on Friday through April 8th. At that time, Congress will have to come […]


Evidently, a government shutdown is not going to happen—not for a couple of weeks anyway. According to the latest reports, House and Senate leaders have agreed to pass a temporary spending measure that funds the government from this Friday (when the current “continuing resolution” expires) through March 18th. It includes cuts of about $4 billion […]

Teeing Up the Debates: PATRIOT Act Extension and FY 2011 Spending

Congress extended the USA-PATRIOT Act this past week, but it happened quite differently than originally planned, and a big debate on security and civil liberties will go on for the next three months. A big debate on federal spending has been teed up for the coming weeks. As we discussed here before, the plan was […]