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What Do You Want to Know?

We are beginning a major revamp of WashingtonWatch.com, and it would be good to know how the site can serve you better. What do you want to know? How would you like it served up? We invite you to submit your thoughts in the comments or by email to webmaster@washingtonwatch.com. It’s possible to look at […]

Introducing: Agencies!

Here at WashingtonWatch.com, we’re constantly working to open new windows onto Washington, D.C. And this week, we open a window called: Agencies! The agencies in the executive branch carry out the will of Congress and the president. The bills in Congress often direct government policy by talking about agencies, by telling them what to do, […]

Try WashingtonWatch.com’s Swivel Search

It’s hard to know how Washington works, and there’s no snap of the fingers that can change that. But we’re working on it. We’ve been tweaking the site and adding new features that can start to paint a clearer picture for you. Think of what we’re doing as “swivel search.” Let’s say you want to […]

Introducing – Representatives!

Want to know which bills your representatives in Congress have sponsored and cosponsored? Simply find their pages in this state-by-state listing and scroll down to see the bills they’re involved with. The new “Representatives” section of WashingtonWatch.com allows you to see more of what’s happening in Washington, D.C. In addition to looking over representation by […]

Administrative: A New Congress Means Out With the Old

The new 113th Congress began on January 3rd, the 112th having adjourned for the final time on January 2nd. That means that all the bills pending in the 112th Congress are dead. A raft of new bills has already been introduced. You can tell the Congress in which a bill was proposed by looking in […]

Voila! New Laws!

Wouldn’t you like to know what laws Congress has passed? Well, now there’s a place to see them! The “New Laws” link on the “Bills” tab at the homepage. The bills are listed in order of their interest to you. The pages with the most activity are at the top. Hopefully, this information improves your […]

New! More Cost Data and Better Debt Insight

We’re delighted today to announce the roll-out of a new feature on WashingtonWatch.com—actually, two new features. Both are designed to inform you better about what’s going on in Washington, D.C. First, we’re adding lots of new cost data for the bills in Congress. The folks at the National Taxpayers Union Foundation do cost estimates for […]

Our Mistake

The “cost” information we display with bills is a product of taking spending numbers and boiling them down through a “net present value” calculation. That’s essentially the amount you’d have to put in the bank today to fund spending in the future. Thanks to the miracle of compound interest, future spending is cheaper—$100 in spending […]

WashingtonWatch.com Fumbles!

Well, we’ve made a fine mess of things. At least two different mistakes have some of our users rightly frustrated. At the end of every Congress, the bills that were introduced in that Congress die. And at the end of each Congress, we “mothball” those bills, so that the new bills get the attention they […]

There’s a New Congress—But What’s With All These Bills?

If you’re paying close attention, you still see thousands of bills from the recently past 111th Congress here on WashingtonWatch.com. Well, we’re leaving them there for the time being so that conversations on some of the bills can continue. Before too long, we’ll mothball those pages, which will cut off commenting, voting, and such (though […]