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Tweet the Bill Number!

twitterIt’s seems small, but it’s one of many practices on which Congress is backwards: the failure to share bill numbers.

Our inspiration for this post is a simple Tweet with an important message: “@washingtonwatch Thank you for including bill #; it’s so much easier to track. THANK YOU!”

We’re happy to do that service.

Believe it or not, it’s out of the ordinary for members of Congress and senators to include bill numbers when they talk about their work. Oh, they tout what they’re doing, but they don’t give ordinary Americans that chance to following along by reading the bills themselves.

So it’s time for us to require our representatives to share this piece of information. Getting the bill number is the key to reading the bills, telling friends and colleagues about them, and seeing whether and how proposals make their way through the legislative process.

A few times, we’ve come across Tweets from U.S. representatives and allied organizations about legislative priorities, and we’ve asked what the bill number is. We’ve gotten no answer. The offenders are the following Twitter accounts: @nydiavelazquez, @senatordurbin, @repmikepompeo, @repteddeutch, @repperlmutter, @HouseGOP, and @repgusbilirakis.

There are many others who fail to share this essential information. And it may include your member of Congress and senators.

So, take a look at their Twitter feeds, or their press releases. Do they talk about their legislative work, bills introduced, and how they’re serving their constituencies without sharing the bill number? They should!

Let ’em hear it from you!

They should Tweet the bill number!

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