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On Spending: “What are they doing? Just what are they doing?”

Senator Barbara Mikulski is quoted in this Politico story asking a rhetorical question about Congress’ efforts to get spending resolved for the current fiscal year. “What are they doing? Just what are they doing?”

Having failed to put together a budget for the current fiscal year, or to pass any spending bills, Congress passed a “continuing resolution” at the beginning of October. That was going to keep the government running until November 18th, and during that period Congress would come up with the spending plan to take it through the rest of the year.

You see, Congress couldn’t do this work over the summer like it’s supposed to. But it was magically going to pull itself together to do the work here in the fall.

Or maybe not.

“Any hope of Congress avoiding another stopgap spending resolution on Nov. 18 has all but vanished,” says the Politico article. Even passing appropriations bills three-at-a-time as the Senate tried to do this week is not working.

The bill that leaders had hoped to get through the Senate was not done when senators left for a week away from Washington on Friday.

This work was supposed to be done by mid-summer. So: What are they doing? Just what are they doing?

They’re reading the political cues you’re sending them. If voters don’t punish failures like this, there’s no reason to get off the dime.

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[…] On Spending: “What are they doing? Just what are they doing?” […]

roman witryk

what the hell are you people doing up there. you were sent to washington to do the people’s work not to run for re-election ; do your job and that will take care of itself. just because all the people are not lawyers does not mean we don’t understand. we bust our humps all of our lives and when we are ready to retire we find out you’ve spent all of our money,i bet your retirement is secure. wake up before its too late;for all of us.

David Kligerman

I Agree!!

Fear the Perverts! – The WashingtonWatch.com Blog

[…] On Spending: “What are they doing? Just what are they doing?” […]


We could stop the mint from coining more of the president’s dollars. We are paying for storage on these coins no one is willing to use plus the 32 cents for raw materials. The mint needs congress to order a stop as congress started the dollar rolling.

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