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Trade Bills Pass

Congress quickly passed of three trade bills this week. As a favorite resource of ours, the Journal of Accountancy, reports,

The trade deals with South Korea, Colombia and Panama passed both the Senate and the House on the same day. They ratify agreements negotiated by the Bush administration with the countries five years earlier, and their passage had been advocated by President Barack Obama, who is expected to sign them.

(Just kidding. Never heard of the Journal of Accountancy before…)

H.R. 3078 is the United States-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement Implementation Act, and it costs $3.34 per U.S. family.

H.R. 3079, the United States-Panama Trade Promotion Agreement Implementation Act, comes in at a cost of $0.12 per family.

And H.R. 3080, the United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act, saves $3.61.

Here are the vote totals for each. Click to vote, comment, learn more, or edit the wiki articles for each of these bills.

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