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Government-ShutdownEvidently, a government shutdown is not going to happen—not for a couple of weeks anyway.

According to the latest reports, House and Senate leaders have agreed to pass a temporary spending measure that funds the government from this Friday (when the current “continuing resolution” expires) through March 18th.

It includes cuts of about $4 billion in spending from programs that President Obama had already marked for elimination.

This means that the government shutdown many were starting to anticipate will not happen as scheduled.

But will it come later? The $4 billion in spending cuts are a fraction of what Republican leaders promised, and it’s the low-hanging fruit because everyone agrees that this spending should go away. Democrats are not going to agree to more cuts nearly so easily, meaning the same impasse we anticipated for this week is just a few weeks off.

Will anything be different then? Perhaps Democrats will be in a position to point out the cuts they have allowed, meaning that their hand will be slightly stronger and Republicans’ slightly weaker.

Look forward to much fevered discussion of the coming government shutdown as we roll into mid-March!

Here’s an interesting tidbit from the bill, related to a favorite issue around here: The bill would discontinue spending on earmarks that made it into spending bills last year.

We’ll let you know the number of the bill when we know it, so you can debate, discuss, and vote on the thing—perhaps even before Congress does…

And we’ll be back in a few weeks to talk about the looming government shutdown!

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I’ve already seen hiring freezes in place where I work, but management is not using this as an excuse to do lay-offs (and I don’t think they will hire these people back!). Worrying times, but perhaps it is the conservatives way of getting a smaller govt.

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Daniel Montes

I have a 3 floor condo with pool in pto escondido oaxaca, rent out ea floor, no prop taxes, save $ only in gold coins. This illusion of the US is on the downslope . Will think of you guys from the beach. Think and work on your endgame. Don’t rely on gov’t. CYA.

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