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Happy July 4th!

eagle_and_american_flag_by_bubbelsHappy July 4th!

It’s a great day for celebrating our nation’s founding and enjoying barbecues and fireworks with family and friends. It’s a good time to put aside the policy differences we discuss on the site and remember our shared commitment to the goals of government: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And here’s something more to celebrate: The WashingtonWatch.com blog enters its 3rd year today! Our first post, “Introducing the WashingtonWatch.com Blog,” went up two years ago. Since then, we’ve covered everything from bedbugs to the financial crisis.

We’ve worked to bring transparency to the practice of earmarking. And we’ve done our best to strike the balance between the challenge of free speech and civil discourse on our comment boards.

We do all this in the hopes of making small improvements to the working of our democracy and government. Soldiers in the Revolutionary War died for our betterment, as so many have sacrificed since. We all can pay them a small tribute by being good citizens and defending the principles they fought for, leaving the country a better place for our children and descendants beyond.

Not that we can’t have a hot dog and a cold beer today! On with the Fourth of July celebrations!

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