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The Times Square Bombing and the Budget: Terrorists Are Winning

terroristTerrorists are too weak to mount military attacks on countries like the United States, so they mount strategic attacks that look like military attacks. The main goal isn’t to kill—though that helps. It’s to draw our society off its game, to trip us up, and to cause us to hurt ourselves.

Osama bin Laden said so, bragging in 2004, “[W]e, alongside the mujahidin, bled Russia for 10 years, until it went bankrupt and was forced to withdraw in defeat.”

Got that? The goal with the Times Square attempted bombing last week was not killing or scaring tourists in New York City—though that helps. The goal is undermining our society and economy. And it’s working.

John_SprattTo illustrate, the Sunday political talk shows yesterday focused much more on Times Square than on the fact that the House and Senate have not produced a budget yet for fiscal 2011.

John Spratt (pictured at right) is a Democratic representative from South Carolina and the chairman of the House Budget Committee. His committee has not produced a budget. That failing is part of what’s weakening our economy. Just look at the turmoil in Greece. It can happen here too, if mismanagement continues.

Kent_ConradThe Senate Budget Committee has at least produced and passed a budget, but that budget hasn’t moved the rest of the way through the Senate. Democratic senator from North Dakota Kent Conrad (at right) is the chairman there.

By now, Congress should have completed the budget process and started work on spending bills that are controlled by the budget. It’s not happening. Expect a hurried process at the end of the fiscal year, along with confusion and overspending.

We’ve taken our eye off the ball, and the consequences could be very great.

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When is the congress (democrats not listening to reps) going to wake up? They did indeed bankrupt Russia–they are out to bankrupt and distroy America! The problem is the people with the money are greedy and are helping us go down the drain–I am mainly talking about the corrupt people that have swindled the American people out of their savings and now we print money like crazy–making no interest on anything.

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