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Big Health Care Meeting Today – 10:00 Eastern/7:00 Pacific

President Obama and leaders from both parties meet today to hash out health care reform. The meeting is slated to take place starting at 10 a.m. Eastern/7:00 Pacific. You can see information about the health care meeting on Whitehouse.gov.

Go to WhiteHouse.gov/live at the appointed time to watch the meeting on streaming video.

If you like you can comment on it below. We’ll be disabling comment moderation so you can go to town.

It’s a great thing to have leadership discuss these issues face to face, in public view. President Obama promised, and people expected, that there would be a full national conversation about health care. It’s a big issue and a big part of our lives after all.

Instead, so far we’ve gotten a series of health care “packages”—the House bill, the Senate bill. The President put forward a “package” earlier in the week. But I don’t think the people want dealmaking. They want discussion and debate, then decisions.

Today is your day to be part of that discussion, debate, and decisionmaking. Don’t blow it! Pay attention, people!

Once again, you’re welcome to comment and debate below.

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Bill Thoms

I don’t believe that they’re going to take over our health care system.

Coburn Rules!

Tom Coburn made sense – food stamps creates diabetes because these people don’t have reason to buy healthy food.

Bring back Coburn

this guy should shut up

Paul Ryan Rules!

Democrats are doing all the talking. Republicans are making all the sense.


Feed stopped workgin. Whzat’s up>?

Jim Harper

It seems to have started again. The stream is provided by Whitehouse.gov.

If it happens again, you can also watch on:



maybe they stopped it when Paul Ryan started making senseā€¦

Enough with the stories

This idea that saying how bad it is for some individual or another is asinine. Anecdotes don’t advance the ball.

Telluride, CO

Biden just said people should show humility. Practice what you preach, Joe!

Paul Ryan Rules!

Are you kidding me!? Paul Ryan is the king of green-eyeshades! We need to get the spending under control. Paul Ryan is the man to do it.

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