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No Salary Increase for Congress in FY 2011

fatcat[Update: The petition entitled: “No Automatic Pay Raise for Congress!” is gathering signatures.]

Last year, many bills were introduced to prevent Congress from receiving a pay increase, and Congress did finally deny itself an automatic pay increase.

But the law still gives them an automatic raise if they don’t refuse it. Who among us wouldn’t like to have that sweet deal? Who among us wants to pay for it?

I wrote here a couple of times about a California proposal to limit state representatives pay when the state budget is out of balance. It was overwhelmingly approved.

In Washington, D.C., the annual budgeting process is about to get started again. And we’ve seen at least one bill to stop the automatic pay increase.

It’s H.R. 4255, the Stop the Automatic Pay Raise for Members of Congress in Fiscal Year 2011 Act. (Well named, eh?)

As before, there will probably be a lot of such bills, and we’ll collect them here. What do you think of Congress getting a raise in fiscal year 2011? What do you think about Congress getting automatic raises in general?

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No Salary Increase for Congress in Fiscal 2010 – The WashingtonWatch.com Blog

[…] No Salary Increase for Congress in FY 2011 […]

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[…] No Salary Increase for Congress in FY 2011 […]

Matt Matherne

No Salary Increase for Congress…EVER!!


Why should anyone in government in any state get a pay raise? We don’t have jobs for millions of people, and our recession hasn’t ended. Cutting budgets should start at the top not with the middle class. Think of the money we could save if all government cut there wages. Anyone starting from the president, his cabinet, the House,Congress, all of them. We would save alot. I say NO TO ALL OF THEM.

Linda Looper

Wwe should stop voting for incumbents! It seems they are all looking out for themselves only.


I think they should get an increase, as the minimum wage goes up. They should get the same increase that they make to minimum wage. What was it last time, like a quarter?
Maybe they would then see how badly those raises suck, and how they SO do not reflect inflation.


Can you believe the lack of common sense that exists in our government today? Here I am a disabled veteran assigned to daily therapy by my VA doctor at their facility, and they have stopped paying me the measly $4.15 per day travel pay back and forth to the VA for the therapy. Boy that really makes sense to me, cause we have to pay for the politicians pay raises some way. Might as well take it away from those of us that went to combat for this country and risked our lives so the politicians can remain in their combat zone and get pay raises at the expense of the rest of us.


Raise, hell, lay them off!


No salary increase is warranted …. not until they achieve their goals. 2009 was so poor; and from the current state of 2010 budget deficits,unprofessional and irresponsible actions, infighting, particianship…

Christine Judy

Absolutely. This has gone on loooong enough. Enough is enough. It is unacceptable.
Christine Judy


I find it difficult to believe that they would even consider giving themselves a pay raise.

Non-union employees generally receive a raise based on merit (although this is usually based on someone’s opinion, not real measurement). If Congressional raises were based on merit, they might not hang on quite so long.

Lacking the ability to assess merit for Congress members, they should only be entitled to the same COLA that Social Security recipients receive.

John Price

Most in congress could give a tinker’s damn about the people they are supposed to represent. Their life style and the money they already make removes their ability to remotely relate to most of us. If anything their pay should cut by 50%.

John Price

Most in congress could care less about the people they are supposed to represent. Their life style and the money they already make removes their ability to remotely relate to most of us. If anything their pay should cut by 50%.


No raise (COLA) for Social Security –
no raise for any legislature-period.
They should take a pay cut like
everybody else to keep their jobs –
if they don’t, vote them out.


All elected officials should be entitled to a COLA, cost of living ADJUSTMENT, not RAISE! Their incomes should keep up with, not outpace that of, the economy. That said, let us not forget that there are many hard-working people who are paid by the government and deserve raises based on merit. You will find them in hopitals, research labs, police stations, firehouses, et., etc., etc.
These are not the people to whom I refer. I refer to ELECTED officials only!

William N Buckles Jr

Why should they get a raise and sociaal security not get a raise? lets take care of all of them in November, Put them out of office. They have been in office to long. William N buckles Jr

Edward S Hove

What did anyone in the House of Representatives and the US Senate do last year to help anyone other than themselves? These people legislated me out of a job I had for 11 years. Now, the US Senate is trying to pass S.1147 which will put me out of work again! NO, they should not get a raise or any cost of living adjustment. These bums need to be thrown out of office! They are evil and un-american. NO PAY RAISES FOR EVIL PEOPLE IN ANY PART OF GOVERNMENT!


So, they are saying that we should approve of them getting raises during this obviously engineered economic crash? Social Security and Veteran disabled, and military retired people do not deserve a raise, but crooked politicians do? HUM, LET ME SEE, THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE. I do not know what planet they live on, but my guess is that we should not re-elect them and send them promptly back to their own planet.


Unfortunately, even when they do get thrown out for being useless at representing their constituents, they continue to receive MUCH more than we pay our military, police, fire services, etc to retire on.

Oddly, the military actually are out there putting their lives on the line for all of us…what have the majority of our Congressmen and women done for their country?

Jean Lamb

People who do nothing for the citizens who put them in Congress do not deserve a raise. No raise from 2010 until the PEOPLE vote for it.


“We the People” need to change this country. Congress doesn’t represent me when the people that we elect make more money than some people that they represent. Some letters that I have sent my congressman never were answered to my satisfaction.

Join http://www.GOOOH.com today and become part of the solution to send true representatives of the people to Washington and kick the career politicians out!


COLA!Cost of living ADJUSTMENT. If the cost of living goes DOWN (as it does in a crash) , so should the salaries of elected officials!


I don’t think that any of the politicians should get any raises. Their salaries are high to begin with and when they retire they still get high pensions. Too bad that we older people on social security don’t get to vote on whether we get a raise!!


When you consider how many hours a year these actually “work” (and I use that term loosely!), the salary they receive is outrageous! There is no need for Congress to receive either raises or cost of living increases ever! If Americans are supposed to tighten their belts, that should apply to government employees as well.




Why is it we have to work hard or lose our jobs, an worry over receiving any unemployment until we get back on our feet. But Congress feels it’s ok to give themselves raises, and cost of living expenses, and free medical and God only know what else. Meantime, the average person can’t make ends meet and are suffering with no money, lost jobs, forclosure on their homes, can’t pay for food and medicines. Now they have no medical coverage. They have medical coverage for life. How nice of them Why can’t they experience what we all do day to day. They would never ever make it. So why do we have to live this way. They don’t work 5 days a week every week. They should never ever get another pay raise NOT EVER. They don’t deserve anything thats free, make them pay for everything. They make enough money to pay for medical and any other benefits they get for free. Give them a taste of their on medicine for a change.


I was told no COLA for retirees, but turning 65 means a pay loss of 300.00 for medicare and added health insurance for my wife and myself.I live in CA. gas is about $3.00 per gallon, food is up about 10 plus percent. If the power people in D.C. get a raise they should be VOTED OUT. They should not get any retirement pay until they reach their full retirement age, and lose all medical insurance and then go on medicre like the rest of the people they have forced to lose their cheaper company insurance. I am a volunteer fire fighter and the few dollars I get for going out of my volunteer area to fight wild fires pay for my property tax and any bills I have. So much for a restful retirement for us, but D.C. get a pay raise and WE PAY AND PAY SO THEY CAN HAVE THEIR PAY RAISE, and they will get higher retirement pay and free or low cost medical. WELCOME TO BACK TO THE MIDDLE AGES OF ROYALTY.


Anyone getting any payraises when the rest of America suffers through the economic hardships we’ve had to face, should not ever be voted in office again.They should not be getting anything for free, much less pay raises. I guess that’s why we have nothing and they have everything. Working off the backs of the middle class people one more time. So much for the Senators representing each state helping the people of that state. How disgraceful!!! We need to change some laws. No early retirements for any of them once they leave office. NO MORE FREE BEES FOR ANY OF THEM.If social security is good enough for us, then it’s good enough for them no raises for us, so no raises for them. Let them live off of medical like we have to do.THEY ABSOLUTELY ARE NOT INTITLED TO HAVE ANY EXTRAS ONCE THEY LEAVE OFFICE. NOT EVER


They are ALL Crooks!!! Fire them ALL!!! They don’t deserve anything!!!

Allen Gibbs

A Cost of Living (COLA) is reasonable for Social Security recipients – and that is ALL we are asking for. The same (COLA) should apply to our elected “represenatives” – they should NOT be allowed to vote themselves pay raises or any other perk, without approval. If they do not like it, they are welcomed to come get a REAL job – and see what it is like.


It’s not just the raises I object to, it’s the fact that they get that same salary until DEATH!!!!! Even if you vote someone out of office, it doesn’t mater, they are paid for life!

Glenda Davis

Congress should not be allowed to exempt themselves from any law they pass, and no raise in pay should ever be automatic. A recorded vote should be required with the names of those voting for it published.

Ray Crawley

What I don’t understand is the 27th Amendment of the Constitution. It states: “No law, varying the compensation for the services of Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an electionof representatives shall have intervened”.

I take that to mean that a raise can only be made once every two years. If so, how can they have automatic increases every year?

Would some Constitutional authority please explain.


A Cola (cost of living adjustment) is not a pay raise. It only assures that your salary is not diminished below what it was last year – it just helps you keep pace with the cost of inflation. They are given automatically every year to everyone who works in government except the judiciary. Congress has to vote to give colas to the judiciary or to reject a cola for themselves. They routinely deny the judiciary the cola that all other government employees receive automatically. Additionally, because the salaries of congress and the judiciary are tied together, if Congress does not give itself an actual raise in a given year, thejudiciary does not get a raise either. As a result, the judiciary has gone for more than ten years without a raise and for several years without even getting a cola. Just want to set the record straight.

kenneth midd

i do feel disabled veterans and social security should get a raise every year this cpi is sorry how ia it figured gas ,groceries ,utility all went up in kentucky but no raise thans senator mcconnell


With so many out of work and the deficit climbing they should be the first to take cuts! Being a state employee and enduring a 6% cut and no raise in sight, the legislators who are making the mess should also take salary reductions. Vote them out of office.


I have a real problem with these officials and their ” automatic ” increases each year. In this tragic economy that these officials have helped to create ( I mean they take credit for the good times, so it is fitting they are responsible for the bad times) They can decide they are in need of a raise after such lousy service. Part of the problem that we have is that these people are elevated up well beyond a standard means by making over $100,000 -$150,000 a year.. I propose that politicians make the same wage as the median income of each person in their state… the state goes up, they get a raise..the state goes down, then they loose money… same goes for the fed, but they get the median income for a single person in the nation… Also, all voting should be done openly, and the results of how you voted are public record.. Hold these A$$hole$ accountable for what they are doing to this nation…and stop giving them the world, so that the common laws and rules don’t apply… When they are done with public office, their pay stops… their insurance stops, and their other benefits stop also… just like an average joe in an average job… make these people accountable for their actions, and pay them a normal wage.. require all bids for gov work be publicly bidded for, so that we the people are sure to have the most competitive bid. make all these public record as well, and available without jumping through tons of hoops… And lastly, lets limit these peoples terms… Longevity in politics appears to breed corruption… lets end this political “reign of terror and outrageous spending”. I would have felt maybe a little better about the Obama Health Plan had the people that were voting on it actually planned on using it… We need to desperately revamp the way campaigns are held, make it illegal for a politician to mention another politician or party in their ad, hold them accountable for what their people say on their behalf, and not allow any negative campaigning period. If your best attributes are that at least your not quite as crooked as that other guy, then this nation can do without you holding a public office. Faceless campaigns based on fact and policy.. Not these smiling politicians that whore out their family photos to make them look like a regular guy… and if you make a promise that you are unable to uphold, then you are held accountable. I guess that’s key accountability.. to the people, to the government and to this nation as a whole. If you cant do that, then get out… and last but not least, they need to have the sac to suspend these assistance programs to ” life time ” enrollees. If you can never afford to feed yourself or your kids, then why do you keep having kids. If you are on welfare and more than 10 months later you have a baby, then you should not be rewarded with a larger pay out. It should remain the same.. welfare should have a time limit, and the people on it should be required to perform some sort of service for receiving it… or pay the money back over time…. It’s ashame, I work two jobs, and have two kids. I barely get by, but i make it on my own… To think, all i really need to do is sit on my ass and stick out my hand…. and all this mess is thanks to the politicians… Seems like they are working for the wrong people, doesn’t it? they should all be shown the door, and if you are even somehow involved in politics now, you should be banned for life from doing anything political… lets bring in new blood and revamp it all with working people…


just a comment about the comments… i see a few defending these COLAs for gov… and one talking about the judiciary not receiving a raise in 10 years… whats the average judiciary salary… i bet it beats my 45k/yr. And that makes it even worse that 10 years ago they were making more than i am today (and whining about it). i just watched a fox report in chicago that showed85% of all court rooms out of session by 3pm, all the judges parking spaces empty…5-6 weeks a year off, plenty of paid holidays and sick leave, incredible benefits and short hours… sounda deserving of $140,000 a year as well. in the meantime, stiffs like me can work overtime for 1/3 the pay, 2weeks off, and to only pay 300/month for my insurance… no retirement, no early days…and they are asking me to pay more tax across the board because money is tight in the state and fed.. they can do what i did and make my budget fit my income, not my income fit fit my budget… may suggest we start with all the perks and benefits that accompany the exhuberant saleries of the lazy, fat a$$ politicians across the board… reg insurance, regular pay, no special rights… so, thanks for “setting the record straight” Diane, but my wallet and conscience already resent people like you… no taxation without representation? more like more taxation and no representation…

Sara K. Forristall

I am a teacher and we haven’t had a pay raise for 3 years. This year, our district has to take 2 days off of our work calendar to help the crisis and that means 2 days less pay. How our elected officials can vote themselves a raise and sleep at night is beyond me.


This is not right “WE THE PEOPLE” should have the sole power of electing raises for our government. I’m active duty Navy E-4 I get paid around 32,000 a year and that’s while overseas. Their pay should nowhere exceed $75,000 a year, if even $50,000. I believe that a change should happen in our people and we should take back this government that we now have little to no control over. I do my duties, I love and live for my Country ,but disapprove of my Government.


salaries in politics needs to be drastically re-evaluated. we need to stop raising politicians up beyond the means of a normal citizen with their perks and benefits and gigantic salaries. They work for us, and I do not know any employers that pay their employees 3 and 4 times what they make or provide exceptional benefits while they do without. I would be surprised to find more than a handful of people that have even a glint of a moral compass in Washington, and wonder how these people manage to maintain power. It seems like each election ends up worse than the last! I think our forefathers had a problem like this… Tea anyone?


no raises for congress in 2011 they should give up some pay become regular millionares instead multi millionares


Let’s look at our founding fathers… Washington SERVED… How have we lost THAT aspect of our governing officials… My biggest problem is that those in DC are already wealthy – as professional government folks… I’d like to ask how many DC professionals have felt the gut wrenching feeling of rounds over their heads… 29-yr USMC – I’m not asking for much but shoot! At least keep YA’LLS promise that you made me back in ’76… I did my part – DC do your part… Yup – I get the law and the connection btwn the inflation thing… But RAISES for a poor job done? REALLY?

CWO5 USMC Ret’d…


Everyone in the federal government gets a cola – cost of living adjustment automatically every year, including congress. The only federal employees who aren’t automatically entitled to a cola are federal judges who have not received a cola in several years or an actual raise in more than a dozen years thanks to Congress. I think that Congress needs to detach itself from the judiciary and make itself the only brance of government that does not receive an annual cola.


Highest Tax hike in History…
Highest National Bankrupcy in History…
Highest Deficit in History…
Mothers getting pregnant on purpose so they dont have to get out of the Welfare System….
Our troops still in the Desert…
Public Schools Overcrowed…
Kids being pushed through grades without the abilty to read or count… raising dumb people its easier to rule over them…
First Lady taking advantage of Air Force one, and Secret service aproximally 6 times this summer for Family get aways over a Million dollars of our money… (Well she paid for hotel and meals out pocket… how gracious… NOT)
My tax dollars paying for lazy ones that “Chooses” not to work, Congress that “Chooses” to benefit themselves before actually helping the people….
If an average of 4 million illegal imigrants find a job, I dont see why these perfectly capable US citzens can’t find one… there are Pell grants for education, subdized loans, free childcare for the ones that actually take pride on themselves and work on improving everyday…

Two things… Sadly

We are becoming the Joke of this planet….

and our Govermenment is doing nothing about it…..

We have certantly made history…

I will say give the congress the same income as a Sergent in the military…. they will still be overpaid… but at least they would know what “budget” means…


Congress should never be able to vote for itself any privilege not available to every working citizen nor should it ever be able to exempt itself from any law it would have applied to all others. The congressional pay should be set and adjusted only in accord with the cost of living as is also true of the minimum wage!


P.S. COLAs, wages adjusted for the cost of living, should get adjusted DOWN AS WELL AS UP.


Has the cost of living gone down recently? I hadn’t noticed. Everywhere I look it seems higher. And people are completely overlooking the fact that salaries are usually commensurate with education.


WE NEED TO STOP THE CAREER POLITICIANS! Cut their pay and benefits would be the first place to start. In California if the budget is not getting passed they cut the wages of the workers. Hey since the representatives aren’t passing the budget, let’s cut their wages in half. Then let’s see how fast the budget for California gets done. Enough is Enough! It seems that it is becoming a dictatorship. Don’t cut their salaries, but cut everyone elses. LET THEM EAT CAKE! That won’t fly here. I can only hope.


lets give them a COLA for 10 years. After 10 years, pay is cut in half, and continues to decrease 50% a year. Might stop career politicians, but still keep the government operating


On the heels of an announcement that there will be no Social Security increase for the second year in a row, a Congressional pay raise would (and should) be political suicide. Anyone who votes for it should be booted out of office.


to Jean Lamb:
People who are elected feel just as you do. This is the feeling that justifies earmarks. “If I send this PORK back to those who elected me, they will re-elect me. If it is bad for the rest of the country, who cares? I, at least will be re-elected BECAUSE I BRING HOME THE BACON!” No wonder every bill is loaded with earmarks that drain money from the places to which it should go and those responsible get elected over and over because they produce PORK. Let’s turn to the chickens and let all these producers of pork know that they are laying a national egg. We need a constitutional amendment that allows no bill to have any clause or amendment that does not refer back to the main objective of the bill. If the bacon has merit, let it be voted in or out on its own merits and not on the coattails of some other bill.

Dave Y.

I don’t know how any of our elected officials could look at an elderely person or anyone on a fixed income like Social Security and even think about a raise for themselves. How dare they. This is a prime example for term limits. these people are all overpaid !!!!

Michael F. Bell

I say if they dont want to give us disabled and seniors our raise due to so called small consumer index then vote your congressman and hose rep out of office.If they were really concerned about the deficit the i have an answer to part ofthe problem,first allow one democrat and one republician for each state,no more that one.Second do away with the social security and pension benifits for all government then you would see the sorry sob`s for what they are crooks,they dont give a damn about the poor or disabled,they are already rich. deficit come down quickly.They (GOV)are rich enough from stealing and taking


Interestingly, they are now, fearful of their “jobs,” finally making noises as if they will not get more money (Who are you kidding, what about speaker appearance “fees” to name one loophole!). I hope the seniors who get no raise (social sec.) finally get mad and vote the incumbents out.




What??? These lame a$$e$ get paid? Only in America. UFB!


The fact is that they make (pardon the pun) far more than they need in order to keep up with the cost of living. They are generally not effected. They have no need for a raise; cost of living or otherwise. Disabled Veterans, and those on Social Security need to send Alpo coupons if Congress needs food, many of use them.

barbara pullam

to cut the defeict we should cut their salarys and benefits. they and their families do not need health care anymore than taxpayers need it.

melchor quitoriano

is there any increase for us veterans, me being totally and permanently disabled 100%, whats the change if any.


I think congress’ pay should be based on some type of formula which takes into consideration the GNP, unemployment rate, stock market gains/losses, interest rates, trade inbalances, and true tax rates(once all the bs exemptions are figured in). Or we can just vote the bums out! Time for America to eliminate the 2 party system and get more true independent representation looking out for the working class which is the true financial backbone of this country.


I believe public salary should never go above the private sectors average, ever, today an average mean for private sector job averages around 50k but an public service employee starts out at about 75k I do not think they should make more than those whom pay their salary, really…do you?

Then you have our elected officials averaging around 175k a year, did they think themselves deserving, I guess so! After all they have proven over and over again with each new election how little they understand what our country needs our country is in great peril thanks to them.

I strongly believe that if our soldiers are paid around 22k annually and they serve for 4 years well anyone serving in Congress that should be good enough for them and you unlike our brave soldiers… our government elected officials are not willing to die for your country, our soldiers are prepared to do just that.

They are willing to put their lives on the line for our freedom and liberties so lets do it America they serve us, the government works for us I think it is about time we set their pay scale as well as term limits this is not a career after all just a means to do your duty and serve your country We will abolish and downsize this time until we get it right.

I have seen over the years a mismanagement by a government more worried about their next election and they money they make and can stand to gain rather than the peoples business, this corruption is far and wide I for one have had enough, I hope every American agrees it is not right or left but what is good for America; this is our land

Our government does not know anymore what its original intent is; it has become too large and needs restructured. We need to make certain this never happens again. We need to make certain that we are in control of the people we send to office. We need to make certain history is told and kept alive as well as accurately for without correct history, we will not have learned from these current mistakes.

We the people will no longer be over taxed, over burdened by deep regulation and out of control spending, we will give to whom we decide charity or money but it shall be voted with transparency before even a dollar leaves this great United States of America…
We the people have had enough and this will be your Restoring of America

So remember this America 2010 was indeed a pivotal point in our history where we did as Americans reclaim the people’s assets and gift them back to the will of her people; see for your self the tide has changed and we the people are back in charge. Let s make Faith Honesty, Charity and Hope powerful words that we as Americans are willing to live by…I am counting on you, too America.

God bless America the land that I love.


Catherine, I share your thoughts and agree that the politicians in DC overpay themselves. It does make sense, though, that federal civilian employees make more on average than private sector employees. The federal government has outsourced most of its lower paying clerical and maintenance jobs, so the federal employees tend to be at a higher than average level and most have college degrees.


I think that not only should congress not get pay raises but make them also start paying into the health plan like the rest of the American people. Cut their full cost covered health care and make them do the same as medicare recipients. See how they feel when medical expenses and cuts in medical coverages affect them directly. And when they are voted out of office its not retirement it loosing a job. Treat it like the rest of us you don’t get paid the rest of your life for getting fired, don’t pay them either. If you further want to save money for the people, charge them rent on the offices that they have in the capitol. They want the job and we vote them in make them opporate as a business and charge them office space rent. Stop congressional expense accounts and see how many of them start actually working for the people and with the people instead of sitting back and riding on our tax dollars.

melchor quitoriano

let us trust in God alone, not in human idiots. President obamit stinks. he made a bullshit promise especially to us disabled veterans.only promise what you can deliver shipwreck.

Charlie Shelton

I agree whole heartily with the comments made above. I’m 82 years of age and depend greatly on my (So Called) Social Security Benefits. Most of my retirement pay has gone to paying additional costs for Medical treatment. If we all get together and vote against those now in office, maybe we can get some changes, or at least give another lucky DOg a chance to enjoy the good life in D.C. The whole Political process in Washington is a Big Joke and I will vote against everyone in my area that is an incumbent. We need to clean house of all the litter and start over!!!!!


I am a 29-yearIUSAF retiree; 100% service connected disability. Throughout my career, I saluted proudly albeit I was surrounded by butt snorkeler’s intent for self-gratification both Officer and Enlisted alike. I personally sacrificed family and health as I have incurred a heart attack, stroke and broken hip as well as divorce before age 50. Dedication is the root cause of my condition. I bore the burden upholding objectives with disregard to my health and family only to see glory grabbers (ineffective colleagues akin to leeches) embellish my accomplishments when writing their own performance reports. There’s a saying in the military that applies to devoted individuals—the military is your wife; the wife is your mistress. Indeed, there are no sacred cows. Thus, why should we cut people programs rather than costly aircraft acquisition? Given that, I seek remunerations for our Airman based on first-hand knowledge of our contributions for the country. This situation is offensive


Congress getting automatic pay raises are totally wrong.
I’m 58 and have been disabled since I was 45. I have tried to go to school to be a productive tax paying citizen again. But with my medical condition (which has chaged for the worse, not better) I have failed to become actively employed.
I had no idea what kind of hoops that I would have to jump through and medications I would have to do without because my insurance doesn’t cover and I can’t stop eating or paying bills.
I think our congress should get paid according to the actual amount of the peoples work is accomplished. There needs to be compromise just as we the people have to do in our lives. Staff shoud be cut by at least 10% and our elected officials should have to pay for their travel, housing, dining, etc.
Maybe then there would be some eye opening and real life exeriances for our elect officials.
As I see it, they have it way to easy. They need to work for a living or get out and let some one else do it.
It is my hope that some of the newly elected Sen’s & Congressmen will shake things up and stop the buisness as usual crap. It doesn’t seem like we are able to vote the crooks, liars, cheaters, theives and whatever else a person can think of, out of office. And when we do they become lobbiests. Great…Huh!


In answer to your comment Don, Congress does what we the people of the USA have let them do for centuries. We need as a whole to demand that our congressional pay systema and expense system be overhauled and not by those who benefit from it but by and independant non connected panel of plain us citizens that are paying taxes. Congress is the business of the usa and like most other businesses of the usa cuts need to be made and the padding of the expenses taken away. We may be a world power but its time to pull the tallons of the eagle back and say ok people its time to take control of our out of control country again. Look at the millions of our own people that live and thrive in similar circumstance as those in 3rd world countries. Stop electing people that have lived priveledged lives and elect the blue color bust your but blue color guy that lives and works his hands every day to work this country like our forefathers did. Stop letting the wealthy rule our country and let the poor man who founded and works to produce the goods of this country rule it again. Lobbiest are left overs you are correct, take the pork out of congressional bills and yes put the line item veto in where it belongs. We are still spending way to much on pork belly items that are favors to people and states to get things passed in congress. Make congressmen live a month on what the poor average american earns and the average disabled american earns. They can’t do it, make them have the same medical treatment we have for the rest of the american citizens on medicare. Or state care.


What an irony? We cannot maintain promises made to our dedicated military personnel, yet we continually throw money in the black holes of Iraq and Afghanistan despite their corruption. War is inhumane so if we must wage war, wage it expediently. As such, let us regress to the Japanese; World War II era. NUKE THEM UNTIL THEY GLOW. Otherwise we will be there forever culminating with another embarrassment akin to Vietnam. If you think Karzai is an ally, you’re pissing in the wind. Karzai; our ally? Give me a break! If you are against nukes, redeploy our troop’s home and let those fools kill each other while overdosing on their opium. If the Taliban want to be over zealous with their strict interpretation of Islam, they require isolation .Let us leave and cut our losses. We do not owe those knuckleheads anything, yet we are continuing to subsidize their corruption despite the fact we are in recession. Karzai, our ally? Give me a break. Assist our own!

Carole Davis

In October Social Security granted me a partial subsidy to help pay my Medicare Prescription Drug Care costs. This month they’ve informed me that the State of Oregon will no longer pay my Medicare medical insurance premiums … as of October, 2010. Also my check for January 2011 will be $169 instead of $500 because they’re deducting past-due premiums from my check.

How do I feel about pay increases for Congress? I’d say big pay cuts are in order! Then maybe we’ll get true representation instead of the sleazeballs that all that money attracts.

Jerry Woodward

I think one thing that also would halp would be to close down the VA Medical Centers. In most cases Veterans end uo going to private medical centers for health care as VA hospitals are not in every city in every state. The money could halp pey for the health care we would get at the civilian hospitals and still save billions.


How about 2012, will congressinal members get raise 2012 there after?

Gary Abrahams

“Public service”, HA! “Self service” is more like it.


I have been screaming for the past two years about not only not giving them a pay raise, but for a pay reduction. Obama makes $400,000 and doesn’t have to spend a penny. He doesn’t even have to buy his own toilet paper. He has free food, free transportation (cars, airplanes), free vacations (many) so why does he need to be paid so much and then his wife has more people on her staff than any president in the past 70 years. She alone costs the tax payers millions of dollars to support her and she is still just as ugly.


well lets see they get a 150,000 a year and a 15% pay raise is… well you figure it out more than some people make a year1 i wonder what kind of car they drive and house they live in that we pay for and the food they eat. I wonder if they got up in the morning and looked for jobs all day and looked at their child and said lets go eat of well just the kid because you cant afford you both so its a long dat till you eat again in the soup line. Thats our goverment looing out for our best needs and my mother just died of cancer and was kicked out of the hospital for lack of medical insurance because our goverment took a bill and turned it over to the power of insurance agencys! The bail outs were the biggest robberyin history not the ones they show on the history channel and they did it right they robbed EVERYBODY!


As an employee that is currently under a pay freeze, I think it is only fair for Congress and Senate to freeze their pay too. If the President has called for a pay-freeze for the Government, how is it that they don’t fall into that category? Are they not Government employees? Do they not work for the Government? If anything, they should take a pay cut since they don’t ever seem to do anything but waste money and ignore the people that put them where they are. They don’t pay for a retirement plan, but get a lifetime retirement paycheck regardless of how long they are in office…they don’t pay taxes to Social Security…yet they want a raise? For what???


I feel as many of the people who have sent in comments. The only way we can make it happen is to get an amendment add to the consutition. We can talk about this, but it will take action on the part of the america voters

Beverly Wilder

Historically, Presidents, Congressmen, and Senator’s have for years swindled the citizens of the U.S., taking away their American Dream! They are frivolously using tax payer’s money to support other countries that would never come to our aid during a war time crisis or a natural disaster.

The bottom line is they do not pay into the Social Security System! Not only do we pay into the Social Security System; we also pay their Fat, Life Time Salaries. These life time pensions they agreed to give themselves, needs to be cut out and just maybe we would live to see the National Deficit Paid-In-Full!

In reality, look who is struggling and who is not? You can well bet that changes have been made in Washington and whatever those changes are it’s to support the elite in D.C.

Why was it so important for Congress to pass a bill to raise the retirement age?

If by chance you drive near a large construction site, when laborers are knocking off of work, stop and take heed. Get a view of the Laborers in their late 50’s who are struggling to drag their mangled bodies out the gates, after working out in the hazardous elements they can barely walk to their vehicles. Scavengers in D.C. are taking away any breath of life these men have left by raising the retirement age. These are some of the same guys who work to pay your life time salary, while you reap his bread and butter and sit on your fat @ss in luxury, air conditioned offices!

The only way for citizens of the U.S. to get anything done in Washington is to make it mandatory for all Federal workers to pay into the same Social Security System. Frankly, Congressmen and Senator’s need to learn what it is to live on Social Security Benefits. Just because we gave honor to you, by voting and placing you into Public Office to represent citizens in our State, you were not promised a life time of preferential treatment at the Tax Payers Expense.

I’m a Senior Citizen who has been forced to live on Social Security due to unexpected illnesses. Once I pay my bills there is not enough money to buy the bare necessities, much less enough groceries to last one month. Thanks to our Government, most Social Security Recipients cannot qualify for the Food Stamps Program. The Government has that rigged too! They pay one $15 or $20 over the limit in Social Security Benefits, which totally disqualifies me from receiving the much needed groceries to grace my table. I’d gladly take less money to become eligible for food stamps.

I hope within the next year to see you all wearing my shoes. Your dignity, pride and self worthiness will be mutilated when you have to go straight to the steps of a local Soup Kitchen or Feed My Sheep and begging for help! Only then will you run over each other getting back to D.C. to vote on changes, and perhaps fulfill broken promises to the Citizens you failed to represent all these years.

First, Vote Term Limits! Then, leaving President Obama’s pay as is for the duration of his Term only! The same could be applicable to Congressmen and Senator’s! After their term is over, sign up for retirement based on term served and be eligible to draw Social Security like myself and others. Make it mandatory and straight across the board for them to be on the same Social Security Plan as the rest of the U.S. Citizens. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander! Congressmen and Senator’s life time pensions they agreed to give themselves, needs to be cut out!

As my concerns, they need to be ousted, and pulled off the Gravy Train immediately. Their caboose needs to be pulled off the track…the end of the line! This does not earn him/her the right to go on receiving their same salary till they expire. It’s high time to take away their free ride and on the next ballet that comes out, place a block (with various percentages %) where Senior Citizens can vote themselves a raise they deserve


It’s time for a march on Washington to protest their salaries, and to get rid of lobbyists.


Pay raise? I want their pay cut 1% each year until their pay is in line with the MEDIAN NATIONAL INCOME which for 2010 was about $65,000
Even then, they will still have their other income ( millionaires ) as back up.

They should have to pay for their health benefits OUT OF THEIR SALARY just like regular US Citizens.

BTW, no pay increases when the budget isn’t balanced. No pay increases until the deficit is gone!


PAY RAISE??? Are you kidding? Most of Congress don’t even deserve to have a job. Oh. how I wish it were so easy to just FIRE EM’ ALL!


I think all of the members of Congress should have their salaries cut by 30% this year. Many people have lost their incomes, their homes, their retirement entirely and many others can’t get jobs because of the decisions these people have made. Many of the corporate-friendly laws that allow corporations to not pay taxes at all are the responsibility of these people. Why should we pay them?
The truth is that most of them are already rich and do not need another income. Dianne Feinstein, allegedly the 10th richest Senator, has a net worth of somewhere between $46 – 108 million, and her husband, who is profiting from the wars in the Middle East is even richer. Why should we, the taxpayers, be paying her nearly a quarter of a million dollars a year? Where is their shame? Cut their salaries massively and let them feel the pain most of the rest of the country is feeling.

Cathy Fletcher

I think their salaries should be cut in half, no more free medical. Make them take the Obama health care. If it’s good enough for us it should be good enough for them, plus the president. No more free anything. No pension after they retire. Most people work their whole lives to get a pension some of them only work one term and aren’t re-elected. Why should they get a pension. If a person quits their job they wouldn’t get a full pension. No more freebies of any sort. Look at the money we would be saving if they would just start at the top and work their way down. But no, they start from the bottom and barely work their way up the ladder, but never aimed at themselves. NEVER.

Beverly Wilder

Under D.C. law, members of Congress are exempt from parking tickets when on “official business,” yet they’ve racked up at least $15,000 in unpaid tickets, according to a survey by Roll Call’s Jennifer Yachnin.
Federal law prevented Roll Call from accessing information based on license plates, so the newspaper canvassed member-only lots and vehicles that have displayed a House or Senate-issued member parking tag. Their findings show these member-tagged vehicles had $15,000 in outstanding fines as of mid-March–fines that members have to pay out of their own pockets, not from federal coffers.
The newspaper probe has prompted several lawmakers immediately to make good on their debt to society: Staffers for Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) said the congressman is now sorting out $640 in tickets; Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) paid $610, together with $250 racked up by his spokesman; and Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) paid $2,180 after Roll Call contacted him about the outstanding tickets.
“All of the Congressman’s parking tickets have been paid,” Weiner spokesman Dave Arnold told the paper. “He is pleased to have helped decrease the D.C. budget deficit.”
Members are only exempt from parking fines only when they use vehicles with plates from the state they represent—and even then, they are still subject to penalties for select parking infractions, speeding, and other violations.

Beverly Wilder

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Sean Duffy is a total disgrace to his State and the hard laboring, blue collar workers of this country. I realize that Congressman Duffy is not the only one in D.C. who spends beyond his means. Through habit, all Congressional leaders spend beyond their means.

Their excessive spending has placed the middle class people of America in a hole today. We are digging and struggling to find enough money to pay our own bills, keeping our homes out of foreclosure, food on our tables and paying the excessive taxes imposed on us by our Government.

Freshman Duffy appears to lack responsibility bestowed on him in representing his constituents. Apparently he doesn’t know how to handle his own money. Mr. Duffy, how do you have the audacity to ask your constituents for another raise that would only enable you’re frivolous spending habits and take more money out of their pockets? NOT AN OPTION ON MY BUCKS!

You know, I don’t think I’m better than anyone else…just equal. Instead of taking your wife and family out to eat in one of the highest class places in D.C., try eating out at a Food Shelter! It can’t degrade you, since you’ve done that on your own. Take advantage of what you offer the public, like access to Soup Kitchen’s, Feed My Sheep or Red Cross Shelters? We also have food banks that donate to the needy.

The most crucial statement is that you are now sleeping in your Office. Frankly, no one wants to hear you complain, so it’s better there, than in the Dog House.

I’m a Tax Payer contributing to Freshman Duffy’s undeserving salary of $174,000.00 + a year. Also, I’m aware that he is on an Expense Account of which he was reimbursed over $10,000 + for a family camping trip. Must be nice!

Americans need to know why we’re sitting in this deep, dark hole and will never live to see the day we can crawl out of it as long as there is people like you who think you deserve something for nothing!

Our Government has made our Senior Years, One Miserable Living Hell in order to pay for their habitual, frivolous, excessive spending habits.

Yet, I’m a disabled 69 year old widow, living on Social Security amounting to approximately $15,156 a year. When my measly check comes in, I pay what I can on my bills and don’t have money left to buy an extra loaf of bread or a soda between that week and the next pay period.

Here Mr. Duffy is griping, with the expectation of someone like me to sympathize with his situation. I do have compassion for the ignorance; therefore, you’re covered!

I’m highly offended with the Congressional Long Term White House Villain’s, who have taken advantage of mine and other Tax Payer’s hard earned money while we do without life’s every day necessities, for them to live in Royalty.

All Social Security Recipients were left out of the 2010 & 2011 Fiscal Budget Equation for a cost of living raise which has always been below the actual cost of living rate itself.
And just where was our Representatives when this vote was being cast?

Congressional Leaders, you are an EMPLOYEE of the Citizen’s of the U.S. The Citizens of the U.S. is your EMPLOYER and we didn’t vote to pay you more money; however, recently you disrespected us, went behind our backs and voted to give yourselves a 30% raise, and took it! It’s called stealing in my book! No other Americans could get by with embezzlement against your Employer? This is a Crime against hard working people in America and today you still have no shame.
I truthfully believe Mr. Duffy needs to prepare himself for the great fall! Take my advice; and keep your $600 a month Medical Insurance, because it appears you may be using it after your first and only term!
Proposals for cutting Duffy’s own salary is currently being offered in Congress; however. Congressman Duffy’s response is that he supports across-the-board cuts for all public employees. B.S. on him!
Buddy, Confucius says “you in for short term!”

John Parker

The problem is the congress and senate get paid out of mandatory spending.Let their pay go to appropriations,where it gets argued every year,just like soc. sec. and veterans rehab.

cliff dailey

We the people need a grass roots effort 300 million strong to get rid of all those bastards that are up in Washington D.C. that say they are looking out for us!They only understand lobbyest and big corporations that line their pockets.We all need to stand up and call it like it is,

Ed Serpas

I’m a 100 percent disabled veteran and believe congress treats us like cattle only caring for our vote and tax’s. I vote to cut their pay in half thats still more than the average tax payer makes while serving my country I never made more than 40k in one year. Remember those that never came home their our real hero’s

David M

What about tying their pay into the GDP? If the country does better then they can, too. If we lose money as a country then their salaries should go down accordingly. Maybe then they wouldn’t be so eager to jump on entitlement programs.


Only the voter can solve this problem.voting them out only put’s someone else in office and the door is still open for more corruption.eack state should get petion’s singged to get it on a ballet for the people to adjust their salary and also take away their paid medical plan and let them pay for high medical plan just like the working people.also take away thier huge retirement let them retire on social security. goverment is like a large business and no business can survive whe the employee’s have the power give themself raises.

Joann S

I say that there should be pay cuts as of following: all Democrats should take a pay cut of 40%, all Republicans 75%. And why should the Republicans take the biggest paycut? Because they keeping saying no new Taxes, and keep giving taxes brakes to the Oil companies that start our country’s debt problem in the first place with their high price gas making it hard for people to ship their goods across county, and the fact that we are fighting a war because of oil. Yeck the oil companies should be paying the salaries of the soldiers, not the tax payers. And considering that over half of the Senate and congress were Millionaires before they even got into office (and still are) they can afford a pay cut.

Rae Ann

I say the voters need to know what’s involved in these budget discussions. I want to know why Democrats and Republicans cannot agree and who is supporting what cutbacks. Wouldn’t you want to know before elections who truly have the interest of the people and who are supporting their own special interest? It’s time we show these representatives their actions have repercussions. It’s time WE HAVE A REAL VOICE REPRESENTING US!!!!!!!!!!

Angel Santiago

I don’t understand why all politian don’t cut their saliries in half andif we have to work over 30yrs to retired they should also not just a few years and get a pention. Also an ex president should not get any type of retirement a soldier that only serves his country a few years does not receives anything from the gov unless he or she is desable. We need to say to them that if they want to serve us they should do it for about 60 to 70 thousand per yr no more than that alsothey should pay for everything that they need such as hair cuts. Travel. And home expensives. They should not work till they die in office congress should only work part time not full time. And only meet a few times a year to handle was needed for them to handle nothing else. And if they {congress or any politic officer} don’t meet our expectetion they should be fire just like a regular job. Thank you

Denise W

Normal people are struggling to make ends meet and our congressmen and senators cannot even be bothered to respond to letters and emails. Anyone making over $250,000 a year including companies should have to pay taxes. They should be paying their fair share. All congress does is fight, cut needed programs, increase taxes unevenly toward the poor and those making less than what they consider the “middle class”. Those that make $250,000 or more. Congress should have to have a real job and only meet a couple times a year to vote on issues. Their salary should be a few thousand enough to cover expenses while working in D.C.


Congress should NOT and I repeat NOT be getting any kind of raise! Firstly, they are hardly ever in their seats and attending , Secondly, they vote on Bills they haven’t even read, Thirdly, they consider themselves to be more intelligent and more “entitled” than American citizens, Forthly, they don’t pay into SS yet they draw SS, they have “special health insurance” far better than anything they think the US citizen should have, they receive kickbacks from lobbyists that are astronomical, they believe themselves blameless in any of the economic issues currently taking place! They should be stripped or the lifetime salary, they should be made to paid into SS, and they should be forced to be under the same mandated Obama Care program for themselves and their families, and they should no longer be able to serve more than 2 terms!


The congress and all in DC sicken me. what makes them think they should get any pay?Then get it for life duh thought you had to work to get a check FIRE THEM ALL!!!!!!


i am totally against any pay increase for these ppl who r supposed to serve us no themselves i found out that many cong and sen are not going to have town hall meetings why u ask because they don’t want to hear how badly they r doing i say cut thier pay by 50% end thier lifetime retirement after serving 6 yrs and make them pay into ss make them abide by the laws we must live with if i had my choice id opt out of ss to lol you bunch of flakes u think the ppl dont know or care what your doing? oh big suprise we do know and we do care wake up smell the coffe your all done


@ jerry woodward im a disabled vet i fought for this country and i was injured and u want to take awat my 1 benifit how bout u going into battle then


As a senior citizen and a lifetime member of the DAV, I am sick of the way Congress spends our money on themselves. Why not connect the pay raise to the Sr Citizen SS COLA and make them work together. If I can’t have a raise, neither can you. And while you are at it, keep your at it, keep your greedy paws off of my SS and VA benefits.


Why should Congress get an automatic pay increase? Most of us, who basically sign their pay check get a pay increase based on merit. If we don’t perform we don’t get an increase. In fact, if we don’t do our jobs we get fired, why should they be any different? Look at the way they behaved during the debt ceiling fiasco and tell me they are doing what needs to be done in order to get the country back on track!


The mess that this country was NOT caused by the citizens, but 100 worthless senators, 435 congress people and and an ever expanding hoard of worthless people in the executive branch. Each and every one of them are as dishonest as they come. When are the American People going to wake up and see that the corrupt political party system is destroying our nation. Let’s all commit to throwing every one of these worthless bums out! Anybody would be better than these corrupt politicians that currently in office. (*all parties included!)

Lenora Arroyo

These automatic pay raises take away the incentive to do a good job. While we must work 30 yrs to be vested in our pensions, congress and reps only work two years! We are paying them to pad their own pockets. They institute laws to pay teachers by performance. Why not do the same for congress and reps? They should all be fired due to poor performance. They balance the budget on the backs of the poor. Those on social security get a pitance for COLA. In 2 yrs no cola but they DID increase premmiums and deductibles!

Phil Wetmore

I am a retired public school educator. I have never had a raise in my pension. I will not get SS even though I have the credits because of windfall profits.
I think that no one in congress should be making what the lowliest congressman makes which is $174k a year. That is ridiculous! I think that they need to take a pay cut and be held to their job duties and perform the task that we elected them to perform. I am sure they get wonderful benefits on top of that salary. Contact your congressmen and demand they do their job!

Hank Neigel

Phil, I agree with you as far as politicians make too much money. Notice I did not say earn too much money. I also think it is ridiculous that they make that much money for doing nothing. I wish we all could make that kind of money for doing nothing. The only thing I can say is if we are unhappy with the politicians we have, sets go to the polls next year and replace them. There is not much chance they will cut their pay. Remember, obama has to play golf and go on vacation regularly, because he is so stressed out because he lies so much.


Can’t blame Republicans for not wanting to have Congress begin picking the pockets of the wealthy, given the fact that they have already picked the pockets of ordinary Americans, even to allowing their jobs to disappear, and bailing out banks.

Now they come for the accumulated wealth of the rich – most able to defend against high taxes?

Did not take long for Congressional salary colas, slush funds, etc., to tax themselves out of credibility. No wonder they want more taxes. It isn’t about the country; it’s about their own income, as bureaucracies always are.

Obviously, the calculators aren’t working in Congress except to tally their own riches by leveraging power against the public.


Why do any of them deserve raises at all? Not a single one actually “works” for the money they recieve. Raises every year what the hell for? We get poorer every year have to struggle more to earn less, right now I work 3 jobs and am not even up to poverty level. My father has been a state employee of Illinois for over 20 years and the last few years has not only not gotten the raises they were promised but was forced to take pay cuts to keep his job. Pension and retirement not even an option because damn govt officials dont know how to do their job. We pay taxes so the congress and senators and other govt officials children can go to school free and take amazing vacations while our children have to hope for a meal and pray mom or dad can juggle the bills long enough to keep the heat and lights on. Cost of living goes up for the people where are our automatic raises? 10 cents an hour increase in min wage… what good does that do us when the price of gas has more than doubled and food keeps going up? They should all be laid off not given raises. They cretainly haven’t done a damn thing to earn them.

Don L

I think our founding fathers would roll over in their graves
If they new what our politicians are doing to this country.
Rather than getting a raise, they should get a reduction in
pay. Politicians are self serving and parasites on taxpayers backs. Average people are working their ass off just to get
by while they do little or anything. They get a pension on top of regular pay.

Stephen Hove

Having been raised in DC I saw first hand the waste that goes on in Congress. Glad to see they are finally putting a stop to some of this.

joe stevenson


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