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What’s up with H.R. 2847?

confusedH.R. 2847 started its life as the Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Act. That’s one of the big annual spending bills we talked about in this recent post.

Congress didn’t pass the bill. The substance of it became law in the Consolidated Appropriations Act.

Now Congress, in its infinite wisdom, is using that bill as a vehicle for a couple of other bills. It has cut out the previous language and substituted in the “Jobs for Main Street Act, 2010″ as Division A and the “Statutory Pay-As-You-Go Act of 2009″ (H.R. 2920) as Division B.

Here’s a quick summary of the “Jobs for Main Street Act”:

It takes $75 billion in Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds, and spends it on infrastructure and job programs. $43.8 billion of the money will go to infrastructure spending, including $27.5 billion for highway infrastructure, $8.4 billion for public transportation, $2 billion for clean water programs, $2 billion for energy innovation loans, $4.1 billion for school renovation grants, $1 billion for the National Housing Trust Fund, and $1 billion for the Public Housing Capital Fund.

$26.7 billion of the $75 billion will go toward public service jobs, including $23 billion for an Education Jobs Fund, $1.18 billion for law enforcement jobs, $500 million for firefighter jobs, $500 million for summer youth employment, and $750 million for job training for high growth fields.

It also spends another $79 billion on “continuing emergency funding,” including $41 billion to extend unemployment insurance for six months (previously extended by this law), $12.3 billion to extend from nine to 15 months the 65% COBRA health insurance subsidy, $354 million for small business loan programs, $23.5 billion to extend FMAP through June 2010, and $2.3 billion to increase eligibility for the child tax credit.

And a couple of other things too.

The most recent cost estimate for all this is about $470 per U.S. family.

So that’s what’s up with H.R. 2847!

Here’s the current vote on it, unfortunately reflecting the votes that accumulated on the bill when it was the CJS spending bill. Click to vote, comment, learn more, or edit the wiki article about the bill.

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Carl Kirts

Why cannot the congress get it’s act together and work together. The way it is showing seems to make 60% of the senators as liars and only calculating how best to get over using fraudulent deal makers of unbelievable proportions. What about us Disabled Veterans? Don’t we warrant a little consideration?

Sandy Agean

Congress trys to drag their feet long enough to bring the unemployment rate down.
When people can’t pay their bills they become homeless and leave the area, off themselves, commit crimes and go to jail, or switch over to welfare nd foodstamps…all of which decreases the apparent number of unemployed people. Its a sick game that Republicans play with peoples lives.


The white media needs to lie and order to keep media rating up. And to keep racism alive! Twisting the truth spending a story
Accusations of political correctness, in the sense of enforced orthodoxy, have also been directed against the political right. Before the


The country is very stupid and uneducated on the subject of race relationship in America. Any black person outside of President Obama that claims to be offended by Senator Reid’s comment is stupid! If anybody that should had wanted apologies it would be all WHITE PEOPLE! Senator Reid was saying that WHITE PEOPLE more so then other races of America are likely to respect desire promote black people of lighter skin. FACT! His Negro comment was not offensive at all. At one point in time African Americans where called Negro. Whether Negro, Black or African American what blacks are call does not stop the fact of light skin.


Pat Robertson is a evil white Republican man that has no respect for GOD’s people! He is the lowest form of man. He is willing kick a people after they are flat on their back!He is no different then the evil David Duke the confess racist that hate America’s Promise of equal treatment under the law for all Americans. One of the horrible thing about Pat Robertson is that he can spread his hatred on TV and reach million! The other thing that is so evil he believe his evil! Only good white Americans can stop a Pat Robertson and others like him. A call for white leadership is needed in this country more so then any time in American history.White people can’t put their heads in the sand America need them to be American with moral standard.


I don’t look at the 700 club as a black American I see Pat Robinson as UN-GODLY. Something is wrong when a man claim to be of GOD but calls for the murder of another man. To think that Pat Robinson as a white man didn’t speak out against 72 year old white senior citizen that was taser by a white cop in America! It’s funny he speak out against thing that happen thousands of miles away from America and thousand of year ago. But said nothing about what goes on in this country! I remember watching the show and Pat Robinson had a black co-host. The black asked about white leadership and Pat Robinson said it was the President. The black man stated that the President was the leader of all Americans . The next thing BLACK MAN GONE! and he was RIGHT!

WashingtonWatch.com Digest – February 22, 2010 – The WashingtonWatch.com Blog

[…] H.R. 2847 started out as an annual spending bill and is now a “jobs package” slated for debate in the Senate this week. Learn a little of its history in a post entitled “What’s up with H.R. 2847?” […]


Well it looks like congress is back to their old ways of procrastination. The unemployment bill should have been passed for the entire year of 2010. But like always, we have to wait and see if we lose our homes all over again like we did last year. This wait and see attitude stinks. If they were in our shoes things would be alot different than what their doing to us.

William N Buckles Jr

Demo.&Repub, Are always are at ends again. Look at it this way, If the President was a Republican It would be the otherway around. Just like the state house in Tennessee. They don`t try to work on anything that will help the enconey and try to creat jobs. All they want to do is pass laws to carry guns in bars and restaurent that serves beer and alahol. And pass bills that will allow so much wine to be delivered to your house. What kind of people do we have in the state house in Nashville?


Tyronne, you’re a good man. The only hope we really have is the Lord Jesus Christ. He came as a servant King who loved people and brought them freedom and hope. Even though America is messed up and people are at each other’s throats, God’s got it covered. Trust him, and you’ll have peace.


What happened to all the “Obama Campaign Promise Money” that was supposed to jump start “shovel ready jobs”? You know, those billions for infrastructure! Oh, and another $2B for energy innovation funding..Can you say Solyndra and Fisker…there’s $1B flushed down the toilet. Thanks Obama for all the transparency. IRS, Benghazi and blaming Fox News for all that’s wrong with you and your admin.

Joe B

I am still lucky to have my job ,my wife also this is not just a dem. or dep. problem , its a total gov. problem. I understand alot of fokes are out of work but is it right that these fokes should draw unemployment for up to two years? WHY not just make it forever and be done with it . my wife and myself have had to start over many times before working two or three jobs at a time plus we vol.we didnt just sit home pounding on the comp. looking for work we pounded the pavement.So may be you dont make the same money you did at your last job to bad, find two three jobs to make it by,oh you poor ppl you could save yourself some money by cutting your bills like paying 50 60 70 dollars a month on the internet.Oh thats right IAM PAYING FOR THAT PLUES YOUR FOOD HEAT TV, EJOY YOUR TIME OFF !!soon ppl like you and no thanks to this gov we will all be out of jobs and in soup lines.get a job any jobs and stop crying cause you cant live the high life off my back.


We need soup lines. They are the physical and visual evidence of the state of our society. A soup line exposes three truths, all involving shame. The shame of those who are not in the soup line and should be helping those in need, the shame of those who are in line and should be working and the shame of those who promote the soup line for their own gain. Food stamps and other gov’t programs hide the shame and promote a society of dependence. We should expose the reality of our poor economy and the poverty pimps who profit from it, by reestablishing the soup line for all to see. Then maybe we can do something real to solve the problem. Its a heart problem, not a money problem.


i wont call any of you ignorant. that would be excusing you. stupid is a far better and correct term. that you still believe Obama or any of the democrats actually give a crap about you any more then the republicans do is no longer amusing. it’s pathetic. while you idiots keep pointing the finger at the other guys, they ALL keep doing everything for themselves and nothing for the American people. oh, excuse me!!! I forgot about the bright and shiny window dressing that comes out for election time to keep you morons happy and the scumbag politicians in their seats. stupid stupid people. you have NO ONE TO BLAME BUT YOURSELVES. idiots!!!!!!!!!!!


just to clarify, that was aimed at anyone who makes the separation between so called political ideology in d.c. I believe the current state of affairs as well as the last 50 some odd years of our history as a nation goes a long way in showing what career politicians actually care about. lobbyists should be outlawed and term limits should be set at no more then 2 and only 1 term for those “serving” a term of more then 4 years. nor should the vote for this belong to these scumbags. it belongs with the American people. as should the ability to vote a pay raise for any politician.


Many will cry Lord Lord but few will enter.


America, 1 in 6 people… cant afford food… over 12% of citizens are unemployed, and thats only counting the people recieving financial aid from the government. Once you have recieved that help and are no longer eligible for itcontinuing, regardless if you have found employment or not.. you become a statistic that the government refuses to adress, yet you are considered no longer to be “unemployed” and the overall unemployment rate”seems” to decrease. The fact that a country can consume and use more than it can produce, clearly shows how the stability of the US is dependant on the fact that the United States has had the privilege of printing its own money to pay off their debts. When the rest of the world, inculding american investors, start saying “sell your dollars” because they know that the US dollar is being devalued and customers with those dollars are being shunned out of several international banks due to new complex provisions enacted by the IRS since 2011,one ought to worry that the American dollar will NOT always be the most stable currency for trade. Its getting easier for other countries to trade their goods for their own currency. Cant be good as the Federal Reserve can only create money to pay off the US debt soley because the US dollar has been the base currency for trade since Britains silver-currency was devalued. Might be a good time to think about what would happen if the Fed could no longer produce such money.. to pay off trillions of dollars worth of debt.. seems like they are heading in that direction and if that is the case, the United States really appears to be in a lot of trouble in regards to the standard of living


If only gov’t would stop bailing out banks, stop food stamps & wellfares, sending troops to war. These cost us americans money. Im sick and tired of paying 10k a yr in taxes to support the above expenses cuz im single, dont own any mortgage


Tyrone, I don’t know how old you are, but I am middle aged and have witnessed the change in American society since the 60’s. Back then you would have had a point. Today, everyone has an equal opportunity regardless of ethnicity. Not because the government mandated it, but because American society grew up and left that ignorance in the past. I’m no fan of Obama. but his election should have proven that. “Racism” today is just a concept that the political elite use to divide us. And forget Pat Robertson. Televangelists are all hypocrites, regardless of color. They only covet their own wealth. God has nothing to do with it.
Rudy, you have it right. The left loves to bash Fox as racist. Another example of using race as a tool to get votes.
Festie, I agree with you that neither party gives a rat’s ass about the people. Its all about power. Career politicians are a big part of the problem, and any law they pass should apply to them too. Exempting themselves from social security and “Obamacare” proves that the joke is on the people. Good hair, a bright smile, and saying what people want to hear, even though its a lie, wins elections.
Joe B, your ethic of self dependence is what is missing today. Now people want it all, without actually working for it.
Bob you’re correct, we are in deep shit.

Jeff Morton

From what I’ve read on HR2847, it’s a Trojan Horse, designed to reveal the names of every U.S citizen to be identified to the U.S. Government, along with the balance of their cash and cash-equivalent accounts. Thus armed, the government can thereby create and impose new taxes to make up the budget deficit as the world rejects the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency. Is this good or bad? Effective on July 1, 2014, you’re gonna find out really fast.

Darla Kruse

All I know is the people have fought so hard for what we and we are losing it FAST! This is not about Rep. Or Dem. Black or white this is about everyone losing their rights as U.S. citizens. We are turning into a different Country and soon we will be in the same trouble as them. Our Government is out of control. We the people must ban together and figure out how to stop them!


I’m just trying to hang on to my own job because I know millions on welfare are depending on me.


Jeff Morton’s, was the first post to actually address bill HR2847. Which happens to be the original subject of this forum.
My original intent was to address Tyrone’s “light skin versus dark skin” issue, which I will address briefly.
Taken at face value, Reid’s comments are a joke. They are also however quite revealing. Who made him the voice of white America?
Black vs white wasn’t good enough. He claims that white Americans discriminate against colored Americans based on the shade of their complexion. His “degree of black vs white” only serves to further divides us.
He is a white American who doesn’t speak for the majority. But if he thinks that he does, then he is revealing his true self.
All I am trying to say, is that we have more in common than we have differences. Choosing one side or the other only keeps the status quo.
Unless America wakes up, the only winners will be the bureaucrats we send to represent us. The rest of us lose.
This was supposed to be about HR2847.
I’ll get down off my soap box…..

Al Rampe

Tony you sound logical.Racism on either side has no place in American Society. The elite want to use the press and politicians to divide and conquer. Find Jesus, help your neighbor and prepare for a possible Economic meltdown.


If you moderate my comments, so be it. If you are offended by my Christian belief, I refer you to Thomas Jefferson’s approach. When free speech is modified based on our fear of free expression, as it is in Canada, it might probably be a short slope to despotism.


Tyrone: talking about racism …today we have a REVERSE RACISM in America.

The US laws created racial inequality where beyond doubt whites are discriminated.

What however amaze me is the use of word “nigger”.

For many outside US that world is associated with the citizens of NIGERIA!

The paradox exists that if a white person uses the word “nigger” in US he would be labeled immediately as he is a racist.

However when a black person is using the word “nigger” it is referred as he is using the Afro American slang.

In US military in conversations between the “blacks” we hear all the time double standard of linguistic racial inequality.

So why it is that to be politically correct white person is literally prohibited from using the word which Afro Americans are using “hourly” in their daily vocabulary in any exchange between them selves?


Al Rampe, the two previous posts have different names. But I am going to assume that they were both from you.
Thank you. Logic is all we have left.
I totally believe in helping my neighbor. As well as being prepared for a pending “meltdown”, either economic or otherwise.
We like to think our leaders have our backs in a crisis. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I now strive to be less dependent on “others” for the basics.
Thomas Jefferson is among my personal heroes. He was truly wise and ahead of his time.
Fear of free expression isn’t limited to Canada. I had no idea things were that bad north of the border.

anthony north

It’s not a race thing, people! All of us bleed the same red blood. But NOW, Washington bleeds green, and cater to the president on the left and right. It’s been set up for this country to be destroyed from within. You’re just NOT seeing the long scheme of things. They want a New World Order by any means necessary; and a One World Religion controlled by the Antichrist Black Jesuit false prophet beast from the Vatican. The majority of our hard-earned taxes go to the Pope, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the 30,000 guilotines and hollow-point bullets and other ammunition that used to kill all of us Americans. These are the LAST days, this is the LAST generation, and we have the LAST president, that will start WWIII, betray Israel by splitting her land, and betray America by declaring Martial Law after this nation is TAKEN down from within. We’re NOT fighting with flesh and blood, we’re fighting with evil forces and principalities in high places; and this is a spiritual WAR, remember that when you see the earth open up to swallow all you UNBELIEVERS that lurk on this soil that doesn’t belong to us. The 13 Colonies are responsibility for breaking every treaty that they made with ALL the Indian tribes and Mexican citizens that has ever lived in this nation. Those colonies are responsible for slavery, slaughter, and the promotion of integrity in freedom. Nobody teaches history anyway, but the majority of the past presidents were involved in the Skull and Bones secret society and freemasonry. Prescott Bush financed Hitler and campaign to become dictator of Germany; the NAZIs are the creators of NASA; and we still don’t really know who the illegal gay president is, because wants to reign terror on America, and you guys are too stupid to realize it, because of the drinking and the drugs, and chemicals that you’re under. We have 450,000 Russian troops on the East Coast, residing at our military bases, waiting for the ultimate order to kill all Americans. Most of you will be slaves, but we will be killed by the nuclear strikes, and that will cause 95% of America to perish. Need I say more? Just WAKE up, you morons! Martial is almost here! And it’s in your face! What are you going to do about it? The government took God out of public schools, public office, and NOW, the churches! They want YOU to bow down to one of the beasts: Obama and the Pope. The image of the beast will be all over the Affordable Healthcare Law, RFID chip or stamp. The beast will also be a facsimile of the original soon after he DIES of a head wound. Look for it!

anthony north

You see that GOD has orchestrated this whole thing, and you haven’t opened up your spiritual eyes yet! Martial Law is knocking on the door! And NOW, he wants to mess with our bank accounts, just like Greece! It was their trial run to mess with the people. Rome fell the same way America will FALL! Believe it, folks! The Romans killed Jesus; and NOW it’s going to take another Roman to take down America and the world through the Pope. This guy backed an Argentine Nazi dictator, when he was in Argentina. They were responsible for the murders of anti-Communist that wanted freedom in that nation. He’s also responsible for the priests’ hunger for children, child molestation; and it still goes on to this day! That makes him the beast of our era, folks! Nobody wants to bow to him or Obama! I’d rather have my beheading, because I chose to follow Jesus Christ a long time ago, and I’m here giving you the message for repentance, and for America to COME back to the God-based U.S. Constitution, or we’ll FALL to the Islamic Caliphate of Sharia Law and Russian control of more tyranny. We already have tyranny RIGHT NOW! The influx of almost a thousand Executive Orders that bypass Congress, and constantly trampling on our rights. What happened to ONE Nation under GOD; Of the People, By the People, and For the People; respect of our military and their service after coming home. These are the questions that the president wants to SWEEP under the rug. We have over 90,000,000 people out of work, over 45% of this nation is on food stamps, and the Dollar is being replaced as the Global Reserve currency by the yuan of China. Even the Russians have an edge on us militarily, technologically, and financially. They have Europe and the Baltic states in his hip-pocket, because of the oil that they feed them through the pipes. And all we can do, is slap financial sanctions on specific Russian politicians? That’s WEAK and pathetic leadership coming from the Oval office in White House. Whether you know it or NOT, The Russians and Americans have moon bases and Mars bases, and they’ve been there for years, and you NEVER knew about it. Our hard-earned taxes have been going to the Pope and NASA. Catholic church worships the sun, the moon, and stars; and that’s the connection! The Vatican has a fully operational telescope in Arizona, called the Beast. Isn’t that ironic? And these so-called aliens are nothing but Fallen angels with shape-shifting capabilities, and they live under the DARPA Industries’ South Pole space facilities, that are preparing for the Alien invasion. These flying saucers are built aerospace conglomerates, that have access to time portals and gates that allow them to travel these black holes in space. The clues are in Hollywood, and they are under control of the Benjamite Jews. The clues are in open viewing, folks! You can call me CRAZY, but it’s been exposed by Hollywood. Look for more of the truth to hit the movie screen in the coming future. This technology is in the video games; super soldiers, human-hybrids mixed with animals, clones of humans, GMO foods, CDC releasing dangerous toxins in the air from man-made weather manipulation. Unusual weather patterns that bring enormous droughts in Midwest of America in 2012, the worst drought in 50 years. And NOW, California is going through its drought, El Nino-style. We need rain like yesterday! And satellites in outer space are controlling the weather through ingenious hands with skill and orders from the president. I’m creative to make this stuff up! Those devices up in space are there for a reason. At the touch of a button, these evil geniuses can generate signs and wonders from heaven and holograph technology to emulate the coming of Christ; and that’s the deception which is coming, folks! Watch for it, and pray that you can tell the difference before you get deceived. These people can’t conquer death like Jesus can; so make the decision to follow Him, and act in his best interest, by reading the KJV version of the Bible everyday, folks! Accept Jesus as you personal Savior, and you will be caught up with the dead in Christ, to meet Him in the sky, and receive your glorified bodies. That’s NOT science fiction; that’s biblical!

anthony north

I’m NOT too creative to make up the stuff that goes on in Washington, D.C., because I don’t need to scheme to destroy people. That’s their job, and you just don’t know it unless the people who are awake, tell you about what’s going on. We’re in the LAST days and all you want to do is play the race card? And I’m a black man, just in case you’re wondering, folks! We are suppose to be past that stuff! The world is still spinning until Jesus comes back on our Father’s timeline, NOT your timeline. He comes when we least expect him to. But all these things in Bible prophecy have to take place before Jesus comes. And we have to go through the fire, so that Jesus can find us worthy to be called up to meet Him in the sky! Some of us will still be here after ten days; some of us may have to die for His name’s sake, and you’ll automatically receive the crown of life; and then, some of us will miss it altogether, because they decided to bow down to the beast and receive the ‘mark of the beast’, and go to perdition, as a result of arrogance and soft-willed to saving your own life. If you were chosen by God, then you’re a stranger or an alien to this world system and its violent generation, just like in the days of Noah. We belong in New Jerusalem, to be JOINT HEIRS with the original Jews, who were Black Israelites, tribe of Judah; and Jesus is the seed of Abraham and the Lion of the tribe of Judah. A lot of these church-going Black don’t that thwy are descendants of Black Israelites out of Ethiopia, the oldest Christian nation of the world. And yet, they delve on piling up riches, earthly possessions, chasing after fame, gathering the thirst for power and influence in the world. We are supposed to be about our Father’s business, and win souls for the Kingdom of God. He did say to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all those other things will be added unto you. God will supply all your needs, NOT wants. Go to Jesus before it’s too late, folks!

anthony north

If we citizens don’t stand up against tyranny, then we’ll be called Union Soviet Socialist Republic of America, and 20,000 armed drones will be pointed at our properties and us, with pre-crime NSA data under our names in surveillance of the oppressive bestial government. Yes, One nation under the beast; and the image of the beast controls our every movements. That’s coming our direction, and don’t be surprised when it happens after Wormwood hits earth, and a tsunami separates the East Coast into three parts 24 hours after Obama finishes dividing up Israel into three parts or regions. God’s NOT having that, He won’t allow it! That big fiery mountain from the asteroid belt is incoming, and it has BAD intentions. The water shall be bitter and much of mankind shall DIE from drinking it. The coastlines will under water, so will those nuclear plants. Fukushima’s nuclear plants won’t compare to our 30 nuclear plants, that will leak profusely into our water supply. Water will become the most precious commodity in the world, and so will FOOD. The Bible says that there will be famine and pestilence. The sun and the moon shall NOT give their light, because of the calderas erupting at the Yellowstone National Park and in the Bayou of Louisiana. Things are are about to get REAL, folks! And the volcanic ash will fill the sky, and the lava is twice as HOT as sulfuric acid–Brimstone. Who will be able to stand? When you see all these things happening! Jesus is the only way out, folks! Religion is NOT involved with Jesus’ Way of Life. Religions are man-made. and we’re NOT to follow the commandments of man. We’re suppose to follow the commandments of God. We’re suppose to be Sabbath-keepers, just like the real Jews. Where do I get this stuff from? I study, and the TRUTH has made me free. When you know it, then come out of those mega-churches that allow Chris-Lam to operate in them. Come out of the churches that worship manna or money, instead of God. Come out of those churches that embrace the One World Religion; similar to the World Council of Churches. For all of those false religions practice withcraft and freemasonry. Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Christian Science, Scientology, Judaism; they all deal with Phoenician and Babylonian idolatry and mysticism. Jesus is the only Way out! Think about it! Make a quality decision, and repent of all your sins, and you will be saved. He wants to SAVE your lives, because he’s been through it all. And wants you All to make into Heaven. You see, while we’re in Heaven, all of those beautiful temples will MELT in the sulfuric fire. Those who hold on to those false religions shall be consumed in it! It sounds cruel, but it’s TRUE! Religion has NOTHING to do with it, folks!

anthony north

God shall shake the heavens and the earth; California will slide into the bottomless pit of the Pacific Ocean, and all the maps of America shall be changed forever. Don’t be surprised when happens sooner than later. And America will NO longer exist as a country or super-power. When America gets utterly punished, she will look like a third-world country. She will look like Syria and Iraq!


As I have said for years..
STOP voting for any incumbent.. that is the only message they will understand..


Tyrone…it seems your doing a bang up job too,of keeping racism a live !!!! Get over yourself,that POS up in our White House is the race bait of the USA!!!

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