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New Cost Estimate for the Health Care Bill

healthA new cost estimate for the health care bill that the House passed Saturday puts it at about $15,000 per U.S. family. That’s a lot of scratch! An earlier estimate came in at only half that much.

But it’s important not to over-read the estimate. Instead, familiarize yourself with our methodology for scoring bills. We count taxes and revenues as costs to taxpayers, and we treat spending as costs because they move money from the treasury that we all own.

In this bill, the government health insurance “public option” is a big part of what drives the numbers. This is because it has both a revenue component and a spending component.

Some would argue that our methodology double counts the public option. And it is important to understand that it’s pretty much deficit neutral, meaning that it doesn’t increase the national debt because it takes in the amount of money that it spends. We are always looking for ways to present cost information in the most sensible, complete, and scalable way.

We won’t take on the question here of whether the “public option” would ultimately swallow the entire health insurance market. The dollar figure we’re reporting is simply based on the Congressional Budget Office estimate. If you want to read that estimate yourself, of course, you can go to the page for H.R. 3962, scroll down to the “Learn More” box and click on “Read an Analysis of the Bill.”

In the meantime, here’s the current vote on H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act. Click to vote, comment, learn more, or edit the wiki article about the bill.

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People on both sides of this debate seem to continually miss the point of the debate, and to be ageist for moment, they forget the younger generation completely. The old are the ones who have the greatest voting power and who are the most engaged in this issue. So many of them don’t want to have to pay anything that doesn’t benefit them directly, but by ignoring this bill and trying to wipe it under the rug, they in turn are denying themselves potential savings as well. The plan is looking to regulate existing private insurance to stop denying claims and actually stabilize deductibles, while the public option, note the word “option”, would simply offer a plan to those who cannot afford any insurance.
I found an article that really gave good insight into the current debate. It was written by doctors and medical professionals, and just delivers some good facts and statistics about health care.
There are so many aspects that need to changed, but everyone needs to look outisde of their own bubble first.

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