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FY 2010 Spending Update

moneyFiscal year 2010 began October 1st, but Congress is still hashing through its decisions about spending for the year. Let’s review.

When Congress failed to finish the spending process by the first of this month, it passed one of the twelve appropriations bills with a provision continuing the operations of the rest of the government for all of October.

This brought the cost of the legislative branch spending bill to about $1,850 per U.S. family. (Spending on the operations of Congress—what the bill funds—is about $35. The rest of that spending is for the operation of the government during October.)

So far here in October, Congress has passed three more of the annual spending bills. On the 16th, President Obama signed the agriculture spending bill which spent just short of $1,200 per U.S. family.

Congress passed the energy and water and homeland security bills and sent them to the president last week. He is likely to sign them, spending about $316 and $440 per U.S. family respectively.

That leaves the Commerce/Justice/science bill ($665), the Defense bill ($6,000), financial services ($430), interior and environment ($320), Labor/HHS/Education ($7,200), military/veterans ($1,200), state/foreign operations ($443), and transportation/HUD ($1,250).

By week’s end, Congress is likely to pass another continuing resolution, as it is unlikely to finish all these bills by the end of the month.

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Is the “failure of Congress to finish the spending process by the first of the month” typical? Does this happen every/most years? If atypical, what does this “say” about our present Congress? Hapless and Confused? or Just busy “saving” the country?

Jim Harper

It has happened many times over the last decade or so. I don’t know the historical record. I do think it reflects Congress’ unwillingness to manage existing programs and spending while it works on new programs and spending.


Does anyone have a sense for the DHHS appropriations bill and whether it might be one that is passed sooner rather than later?

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