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Wanted: Appropriators!

As we get closer and closer to finishing our earmarks project, there are interesting and fun ways to select whose earmarks we go after next.

How about the people who move the money around: Appropriators! These are the folks who sit on the committees that make the actual spending decisions.

The earmark requests of several appropriators aren’t in the database yet – including the chairman of the full Senate Appropriations Committee and several cardinals. (Appropriations subcommittee chairmen are jokingly called “cardinals” because they’re so powerful – and in line to be the appropriations “pope.”)

Below are appropriators for whom we have not yet collected earmarks, divided by party and ordered by seniority on their committees. Click on the links to see their earmark requests, and click here to go to the earmark data entry form. (Be sure and log in to earn credit in our earmarks contest!)

This list will be continuously updated to remove names of members and senators whose earmarks we have captured. Please let us know as you finish them.

House Appropriations Committee Democrats

House Appropriations Committee Republicans

Senate Appropriations Committee Democrats

  • None left!

Senate Appropriations Committee Republicans

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