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Wanted Earmarks: The List is Shrinking!

We have a whopping 17,000 earmarks in the database now, and the list of members and senators we need to collect earmarks from is shrinking. We’ll have every earmark logged before long, and we’ll have a winner in the big earmarks contest!

Take a look at the state-by-state list of members of Congress and senators below. Their earmarks haven’t been collected yet (as of Saturday evening, August 8th). It won’t take much more to knock a number of these states off the list. (Please let us know if you finish a member’s entire set of earmarks.)

Pick one – maybe it’s a district near you, an important congressional leader – there are still some left – or someone you’ve never heard of. Entering earmarks into the database can open a window onto our country and Congress.

Entering earmarks in our earmark data entry form will make you a transparency hero. Be sure to log in for credit in the contest!

Now here’s the latest “wanted” list:

There are no more “wanted” representatives. Here’s the latest on our successful earmark collection project—and an opportunity to help us with data quality!

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