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Earmarks Project Makes a Media Splash

Our big earmarks contest has been a smashing success – thanks to all of the people who have helped enter earmarks into the database – and the media are taking notice!

Last night, I appeared on the Fox Business Network to discuss the project. Take a look!

Again, thanks to you government transparency heroes who are still entering new earmarks! We have a way to go yet before we get them all, but earmarks continue to pour into the database. Keep hunting!

Here’s the data entry form and instructions. And here are the members of Congress and Senators whose earmarks we still need to collect. We update it regularly so let us know as you finish representatives’ earmarks so we can take them off the list.

One note about this clip. Because it only featured one earmark request from a Republican, it could create the impression that earmarking is a Democratic game and that tracking earmarks is about exposing that. Not true. Earmarking is a bipartisan practice, and this project has nothing to do with going after either party. I offered the Fox producers the first three earmarks discussed yesterday – Mollohan, Rangel, and Klobuchar – because they were at the top of the list on our earmarks homepage, which is ranked by activity.

It’s up to you to decide whether these earmarks are good or bad. What we’re working on is letting you actually have a voice!

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David’s what? You didn’t smile too much.

Earmarks are money……


Fantastic Jim! Great coverage… I’m impressed and glad to be participating!

Earmark Collecting Starts to Do its Magic - The WashingtonWatch.com Blog

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