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10,000 Earmarks – We Broke the Map!

As we’ve crossed through 10,000 earmarks in our database, we broke the earmarks map!

Well, technically, the map we were displaying on our earmarks homepage now doesn’t work well with many browsers. Too much data . . . which is great!

If you’ve got a fast computer or if you’re using one of the browsers with a faster Javascript engine (like Safari or Chrome) you can still see the map on a special page we’ve set aside for it.

All this trouble is a tribute to the work of the many earmark hunters who are inputting earmark data and exposing them for all Americans nationwide. Kudos and thanks!

In the meantime, you can still view earmark requests on the map state-by-state. Just go to the earmarks homepage and select a state (or a state and a specific representative). You’ll see a map of all the earmarks requested by representatives in that state with a list of your selected earmarks below.

Of course, we don’t have all the earmarks in the database yet. If you don’t see earmarks from your state or district, help out by adding earmarks to the database! You have a chance to win an Amazon Kindle and other fabulous prizes while making America a better place.

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