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The WashingtonWatch.com Blog, Year 2

Happy Fourth of July!

What better way to celebrate the founding of our nation than . . . um, by . . . blogging?

Those were the words that introduced the WashingtonWatch.com blog one year ago yesterday – well, one year and two days ago.

That’s right, this blog debuted exactly one year ago, give or take a day. For reasons I don’t recall, the introductory post saluting our nation’s founding went out on July 3rd in the evening, rather than the actual 4th of July. So, why not, let’s celebrate our one year anniversary on the 5th!

It’s been a fun and interesting year of blogging. We scored some early blogging success by calling out the big bedbug issue. It’s an example of Congress getting into just about everything, and we’ve dedicated a whole set of posts to that kind of thing, which we call Jack of All Trades, Master of None.

Needless to say, there are people that disagree – they believe that Congress should handle this issue. Their comments are important and welcome.

Another fun category is something called “And a pony . . .” In it I’ve pointed out bills that over-promise what Congress can do. Everyone gets a pony!

But those fun categories were overtaken in the past year with lots and lots and lots of writing about the financial services bailout and economic stimulus bills. It’s been a huge year for big, expensive legislation.

We worked hard to get the bailout text up online as quickly as we could. Our bailout scandal post got some of the most traffic the blog has seen. (More posts on bailouts here.)

But the highest traffic has been for our post containing the text of the stimulus bill. It seems that people want to know what goes on in Washington. (More posts on the economic stimulus here.)

And the people – you – how you like to be heard. The comments on the site are in the tens of thousands each year. As we detailed in our 2008 year-end post, there were about 19,000 comments that year. As we’ve pointed out here, there is lots of entertainment in the comments. There’s ugliness too, as we highlighted in a post called “Racism Exists.”

Speaking of numbers, we’ve had about 150,000 visits to just over 450 posts here on the blog. Hopefully, the posts have helped to weave the bills in Congress together with the real world. It’s all a part of making Washington, D.C. a little more accessible to the people whose money it spends.

Speaking of money, there are endless things we would do to improve this site if money grew on trees. It doesn’t. But it does trickle in when more people visit. WashingtonWatch.com is advertising-supported (for the most part). So we need more visitors.

If you like what you find here – if you care enough to have read this whole self-congratulatory blog post – please take a little time to tell your friends about WashingtonWatch.com and how they can use the site to be better citizens – to be a little more like you. Thanks for reading!

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