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Here Comes Health Care

As early as Monday, Senator Kennedy (D-MA) may unveil health care legislation, and President Obama says that he wants this issue to be dealt with this year. All this is according to a Washington Post story.

According to the Post:

In many respects it adopts the most liberal approaches to health reform being discussed in Washington. Kennedy, for example, embraces a proposal to create a government-sponsored insurance program to compete directly with existing private insurance plans, according to one senior adviser who was not authorized to talk to reporters.

The draft summary also calls for opening Medicaid to those whose incomes are 500 percent of the federal poverty level, or $110,250 a year for a family of four.

President Obama, meanwhile, is urging his most loyal supporters to reactivate the grass-roots machine that helped elect him and direct it toward health-care reform.

Kennedy also wrote about his bill recently in the Boston Globe.

We’ll feature the bill here, of course, when it is introduced. And as the cost-estimates come in, we’ll note them too.

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george s cline

Please help me. I was basically forced into early retirement because of economy and health problems. Small pension and SS and no health ins have ruined my health and spirit. I can’t hold on till I’m 65 for medicare. That’s another 34 months. Will there be any insurance solutions for folks with my problem ?

L Ring

I have a loved one who has cancer who has to keep working because of a fear of losing health insurance for badly needed cancer treatment that Medicare will not cover. What will we do for people like this?

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