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Stimulus Money Sent to Dead People

“What are they doing with our money? I mean, are they just giving it away? This is our money!”

So asks one woman, who received a $250 check made out to her father. He passed away 35 years ago.

And the answer is, Well, yes! That’s what the economic stimulus is all about – giving away money. The idea is to prime the economy by making people feel like they’ve got money to spend.

The fact that its hidden debt is something people are supposed to miss. The economic stimulus bill cost the average U.S. family about $3,300, and it raised the national debt by about $7,700 per family.

More than likely, the millions that went out in checks to dead people is just a drop in the bucket. Billions and billions will go out to living people. But, again, the economic stimulus bill gave money away, money that has been or will be collected in taxes. Did you think something different?

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