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Politics is Entertainment

(So why do we gotta be so boring? . . .)

It’s never been more clear that politics is entertainment.

Take a look at this post on Gawker.com. It’s liberals being mad at conservatives for taking a jab at President Obama because he ordered spicy Dijon mustard for his burger. In other words, it’s about nothing at all, but it’s got lots of people interested.

What we do here is much more substantive and slightly more boring. We’re like the financial section of the paper rather than the sports page. But while others are distracted by “Dijongate,” you’re at least half-aware that Congress and the President will be spending about $30,000 per U.S. family between now and the fall.

The bottom line: If you’re reading this, you’re smarter than the average American. And if you don’t care what condiment the President puts on his burger, you have good taste!

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Where is the budget? I’d like to read the 1,500 pages and see how much he’s giving away to foreign countries like Biden’s loan write offs.

Jim Harper

Here ya’ go!


I could care less what he eats. I want the 30,000 that will stimulate to economy.


Speaking of all this.. I found this song by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy that really hits all the current issues today. It’s awesome, check it out!


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