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Limiting Politicians’ Pay

California Proposition 1F is a measure on the ballot for the May 19 election in California.

It would prohibit the state commission that sets salary levels for the governor, other top state officials, and members of the California State Legislature from increasing those salaries if the state General Fund is expected to end the year with a deficit.

We’ve been following bills to limit pay for Members of the U.S. Congress in a post called “No Salary Increase for Congress in Fiscal 2010.” There are at least fifteen bills in the current Congress to limit federal politicians’ pay.

H.R. 201, the Deficit Accountability Act of 2009, is similar to the California ballot initiative. It would prevent automatic pay increases for Members of Congress in the year after a fiscal year in which there is a Federal budget deficit.

H.R. 566 would prevent pay increases when government outlays (that is, spending) exceed receipts (that is, taxes).

Here are the current votes on H.R. 201 and H.R. 566. Click to vote, comment, learn more, or edit the wiki articles on these bills.

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While it is true that these are very tough times, I think it would be wise not to assume all politicians are “fat cats”. There are plenty of them who live very modestly and try to budget efficiently.

I would like to read all of the fine print.

Someone who is very careful with money.

Jim Harper

Thanks to an automatic pay increase of $4,700 that took effect January 1st, Members of Congress are currently paid $174,000 a year.


They already voted to limit their pay after the raise. They want term limit of 4 or 5 years so more people can serve. They won’t be like Biden giving away hundreds of billions in foreign aid and loans without an accounting at Treasury. Obama really doesn’t want his term limit changed because he got a great deal.

Maybe we can pay them what they pay their ‘volunteers’ with the same term limit.

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Ok lets put them with those they represent no retirement,social sec will do. No medical, medacare is fine pay. should recieve the average income for the state they represent no lobby money and thing will work them selfs out

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