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CBO: Administration Budget Incomplete

We’ve written here before about the fact that the administration and Congress are already falling behind on the federal spending process for fiscal 2010. When they don’t follow the regular process, mistakes and shenanigans happen.

In this post (it’s a little longish – down toward the end), we pointed out that the Congressional Budget Office hasn’t yet produced its analysis of the President’s budget. Its analysis was due February 15th and hasn’t shown up yet.

In a couple of places, the economic report CBO issued last week said why: “(CBO will review the complete plan after the Administration submits it to the Congress later this spring.)”

That’s right: According to the CBO, the President’s budget, which was due the first Monday in February (Feb. 2) is not complete, and it apparently won’t be until “later this spring.”

So, if CBO is right about all this, the administration is really messing things up by not submitting a complete budget.

But, of course, Congress can still run its operations on time. April 1 is the deadline for the Senate Budget Committee to produce a budget resolution. It doesn’t have to wait for the President or the CBO. So we’ll be watching to see what happens in the Senate Budget Committee.

Here’s the deal, though. When October 1st rolls around and Congress has messed up the annual spending process, this blog will officially declare: “I told you so. I told you so. I told you so.”

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