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Will Medicaid Pay for Toupées?

If H.R. 1142 passes, it will.

The bill would require States to provide “hair prostheses” under the Medicaid Program for people diagnosed with alopecia areata, sometimes called “spot baldness.” It affects 0.1%–0.2% of humans, both males and females, and in 1%–2% of cases, it can spread to the entire scalp or the entire body.

I’m pretty sure “hair prostheses” means toupées and wigs.

That’s right: Medicaid might pay for toupées.

Here’s the current vote on H.R. 1142. Click to vote, comment, learn more, or edit the wiki article about the bill.

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Jackie Haynes

Harper, you start this blog and the people that vote negatively are the ones that all they see is the Big BOLD words and the italics of the bill. If you are gonna act like you know so much, then how can you say “I’m PRETTY SURE that hair prosthesis are toupees or wigs.” DON’T YOU KNOW”? and then you continue…so you can mislead the public and the ignorant people see only your heading and you have already got them leaning your way. But, the people that actually read the bill or have a child with this AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE or for that matter even have a heart know differently. I’m not talking about an old man needing a toupee, as you try to mislead the people that don’t clearly understand this bill that this is what it is all about. People, please don’t jump and vote no until you have known, seen, or even had a child or grand child with true areata.Imagine a little girl thats 2 years old and not a hair on her head. She loves to play with lipstick and jewelry and pretends to brush her non-existant hair. It’s devastating to see her feel of another little girls hair and then feel of her head and wonder why she doesn’t have any hair. People,imagine her before you vote and please don’t vote on this man’ vague,misleading “PRETTY SURE” statements.

Jim Harper

Thanks for your comment, Jackie.

I have investigated the question and I am now certain that “hair prosthesis” means “wig.”

People who suffer diseases that cause hair loss deserve our sympathy. The question raised by this bill is whether they deserve to have taxpayers pony up for their wigs.

Taxpayers are asked to pony up for just about every tragedy, large and small, which can cause people’s sympathy to wear a little thin.

I was flip about this issue, and I’m sorry about that. But I’m not persuaded that taxpayers should have to pay for people’s wigs.

The question is not what I think, of course, but the readers of this blog and Web site. Please use this page, the comment section on the bill, and the wiki article about the bill to make your case!

Medicaid for Toupées? | Think Tank West

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