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Letters! Oh, We Get Letters! . . .

With a full-time job and something of a life, I don’t read all the comments that go up on WashingtonWatch.com. I sometimes follow along some conversations, but generally you people are adults and can fend for yourselves.

With a high number of high-intensity comments on certain bill pages, we’ve been working on revamping the comment system – and we may just be ready to roll out the new comment system tomorrow. It’s taken a little longer than we expected (as it always does).

In the meantime, we capped the number of comments displayed on any given page at 250. When you serve a huge number of comments with each load of a page, this can slow down the whole site.

Today one of the particularly hot bills hit that 250 limit. And that’s when things got good. Check out this email!

Hello Mr. Harper:

And just what is exactly wrong with the reply ability of HR 305? Let’s see. You have allowed a post to remain stating that pro HR 305 and antislaughter poster’s torture animals and child molesters. I don’t torture animals or child molesters. I think you get my point. But you have disabled the reply function and let the venom and stupidity of proslaughter to remain. I have called you out on this before when someone wished me to kill myself, people calling antislaughter animal torturers and pedophile supporters and the refusal to bring an archived HR 503 back.

You, Sir…are not a Libertarian…you are now certifiable and documented to be bought and paid for.

You have a great day, because at the end of it you are disingenous with a whole lot of insidious agenda in the background and to the highest bidder goes the game table.

You and your kind are the problem with America. But I suspect you knew that already and signed the Judas pact with your money enablers.

Wow! Nailed it! That’s exactly what was going on – except for every fact this person assumed and every inference this person drew. But, hey, being 100% wrong is just a reason to keep trying!

I think the phrase “thankless job” was invented for hosting Web sites with comment boards on controversial topics.

There is a rule in Web services along the lines of: “One percent of your users take up 90% of your time.” It’s not actually that bad. In this case, this one user provides 90% of the entertainment!

Be watching for the announcement about comment changes (hopefully) tomorrow.

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Kevin Dwyer

Some day soon we should publish all of the e-mail that is sent to info@stimuluswatch. It’s, uh, yeah. We’re accused of a lot of things. I think my favorite SFW accusation was causing a particular city worker to have to do more work fielding complaints.



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