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No Salary Increase for Congress in Fiscal 2010

[Update: For the latest, see our post entitled: No Salary Increase for Congress in FY 2011.]

This bill would prevent Congress from getting an automatic pay raise.

Update: And here’s a bill to prevent Congress from getting a pay increase in any year when the government is running a deficit.

Update II: And another.

Update III: And another.

Update IV: Yet another.

Update V: Here’s another.

Update VI: Here’s another and another.

Update VII: By golly, here’s another.

Update VIII: The juggernaut continues! Do you suppose one of these will pass?

Update IX: And one more – this one an amendment to House rules.

Update X: And another.

Update XI: One more.

Update XII: They keep coming.

Update XII: They keep coming.

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Cindy Hatch

I believe in a new vision of our government and the role it plays in our lives as responsible Americans. The majority of us recognize and act on the required sacrifice we need to make and have made. Therefore I urge congress to enact a salary decrease of at least 10% and to freeze their salary until our economy is stable again. They are public servants yet run our lives have yet to walk the talk.

Matthew E. Drake

I have to ask – why is Congress getting a pay increase in 2009???

I am a Program Manager for a Defense Contractor – the only sucessful segment of my $160M company and I took a 3% reduction in Salary to keep people from loosing their jobs.

I need to see some more action out of Congressmen, Senators & Representatives.

We are wasting Taxpayers money on pork barrell stimulous spending and it seems we ALL should be taking steps to alleviate the situation – not just those hard working Americans, some of whom have lost their jobs already.

Please respond – I would love to know you thoughts.

Best regards,

Matthew E. Drake
Manager, Military Products

Grote Industries, LLC
2600 Lanier Drive
Madison, IN 47250

Mobile – 812-599-0815
Office – 812-265-8491
Fax – 812-265-8440
Home – 812-273-6438


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Chuck Blommaert

Self-employed people are closing their doors right and left, companies are cutting back and cutting jobs, foreclosures, bankruptcies, etc., all happening right now… how can any representative of the PEOPLE of the USA even consider a pay increase! HOW DARE THEY!!!

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Dave Libby

Just a perfect example of our leaders looking out for themselves, and forget the people they represent. They are even worse than the so called President we currently have. What a shame!

barb phillips

You work for us. With so many of us out of work how can you justify your increase while the rest of us are trying to maintain. With unemployement rising and people being put on furlough have you no compassion for your fellow countryman or is it just about SELF

Andrea Wygle

No salary increases for Congress members, President OR Federal workers over all until the state governments are stable and not having furloughs, layoffs, etc. and people are going back to work across this nation. They for the citizens of this county and need to quit being so self serving.

Dennis Flynn

I wrote our dear CA congresswomen about the COLA that retired persons, and persons with disablities receiving Social Security benefits won’t be getting in 2010. One of the responses I received was: “In order to compensate for inflation, Social Security beneficiaries receive a COLA in January of each year. It reflects the rise in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers from one year to the next. Should this index not rise during the year, a COLA would not be triggered. For 2009, the COLA was 5.8 percent to reflect the rise in the cost of living measured over the previous year. However, consumer prices have dropped steadily in the past year due to the severe economic downturn.”

I’m not sure what part of the universe this person resides in. But, from my perspective and experience it rather seemed that living expenses were high to begin with. What I gleaned from her reply was that “Everything’s all right, and what are you worrying and whining about?”

I am prompted to remember the adage, “What’s good for one is good for all.”

Clyde Swann

I get so sick and tired of those worthless bags of s**t in Washington getting automatic pay raises and COLA increases every year after year. We, the people, who put them there need to demand a bill that would put any future pay raises on the ballots only once every two years. They don’t produce, the don’t get a raise. And for a kicker, they only work 3 days a week and take months off to B/S their constituents. $174,000 average salary isn’t bad for the little they do. WAKE UP AMERICA, WE ARE GETTING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY THESE SMUCKS.

Daniel Murray

I think that congress should have to pay for their own healthcare — it should not be covered. Why should they be voting or arguing on healthcare reform in this country when their healthcare is taken care of?

We have to listen to them debate, endlessly, on healthcare reform when, in fact, their healthcare bills are fully paid.

Larry Shelton

If we are tied to the COLA for any increase in pay, why not the a**holes who have, through their inability to do anything constructive for this country during the last three administrations. Congress makes the spending laws, not the president, but yet I continue to see the same idiots on these blogs talking about the president. Why don’t some of these great representatives that we send to Congress come up with some kind of meaningful programs. Most of them act like a bunch of sheep, blaming everyone else for their inaction. Then what they do come up with is these out of sight earmarks that are total 4.7 billion for projects no one in their right mind would approve. I guess that’s how they pay back their contributors for the money it takes to get these offices. Who spends 2 to 4 million to get a job that pays 174k? Unless you are getting something back some other way, hum.

Dave Libby

The sad problem we have in this country, is that every American knows how corrupt, and self centered our representatives are, we know how they enter politics as poor – so poor that they beg for support money for their campaigns, then they become wealthy as they leave politics. Where do they get all that money?

We need to start thinking.

They vote themselves pay raises when we get less!

They vote themselves full pay retirement, and TAX our retirement income.

They have their OWN health plan, much better than YOU and I….. THINK !

We need to clean house and start with new ones, BUT the only problem is, the new ones will do the exact same thing, and what will YOU and I do about it?

THINK! The above is true, and YOU as well as I know it is all true. The problem is we need to THINK! The problem is we need to do something, like vote ALL of them OUT of their feather nested offices.

Clyde Swann

Recognizing all the problems this Socialist administration has shoved down our throats, here are a couple of remedies we need to take: 1) We need to force Congress to pass a “Line Item Veto” law to help stop pork barrel crap. 2) We need to have every candidate sign a contract with the American People that stipulates that the voice of the people will be adhered to 100%. 3) Congressional salaries should be reduced to a maximum of $150,000 per year and pay raises would be voted on once every two years. They would get increases in relation to their job performance. 4) Congressional “junkets” would be paid for by the individual. Necessary “junkets” would have to be approved by a special non partisan committee. Family members and staff members going also, would be paid for by the individual Congressman. 5) Funds for sweetheart items like Murtha airport, sponsored by the biggest criminal in Congress, John Murtha, would have to be voted on by 3/4 of the Congress and not attached to any necessary bill. 6) Any and all bills brought before Congress (Senate and House) need to be passed by 3/4 of the assembly. I doubt that any of these remedies will ever be passed until we have another revolution, but we can only hope.

elona reiser

No salary increase for the fat cat’s in congress>Were do you people get off,Seniors and unempoyed are eating cat food weil your eating on on the hog,You bailed out Big Banks and the car dealerships heaven no who else ,
no jobs no food no housing
. Get real!!!!!

Rita Lewis

It seems fishy to me that in a year when everything has sky-rocketed in price, some workers are having to take reductions in salary in order to keep their jobs, and unemployment continues to rise, those controlling COLA say there’s no reason for a raise in cost of living.

Perhaps they’ve received a little arm twisting from someone high up to make this decision. Seniors who are barely making it financially are denied a raise while the U. S. Congress gets their AUTOMATIC raise.

Another thing that seems strange to me is this: In the five years I’ve been receiving SS, I’ve received a COLA raise every year until this one. What has changed? We have a new President who has socialist ideas and will pay for them anyway he can.

It sort of reminds me of a different version of Robin Hood. Obama wants to rob from the poor to give to the poor.

If you feel the same, call and write and go as public as you can with your remarks about this subject.



Clyde Swann

Here is a new twist of the blade, not only are retired military personnel NOT getting a COLA increase, but we are getting an Income Tax HIKE. My military retired pay statement this month (Jan 2010) included a FITW tax hike of $9.30 per month. Yet our worthless representatives in Congress getting about $3,500 COLA increase. Also, did you know that the mouthpiece of Obama, Robert Gibbs, makes over $159,000? WAKE UP AMERICA WE ARE GETTING SCREWED BY SOCIALIST OBAMA AND HIS COMMIE BUDDIES.

Donald Knox

I personally think that each and every Senator and Representative needs to be given a PINK SLIP saying YOU ARE FIRED.

Susan Brewer

I just reviewed my 2010 retired military pay and found out that I will now be paying $16.50 more taxes per month with no COLA increase! I was not notified by my congressman, just a short statement on my dfas mypay saying I will be taxed more each month. I am 100% permanent and total disabled and count on every penny I get to pay my bills. President Obama, this is a sad way to treat those who have faithfully served in the military. I guess you do not understand because you never served in the military.

Cheryl T.

Congress is more worried about voting on an upcoming law to put a restriction on how loud commercials on TV can be. What?, nothing else a little more important. We need to revamp Congress and their paychecks. They get to keep 100% of their pay after serving only so many years(I think it’s 7 years), but the military gets only 50% after serving 20+ years. Something is wrong. As a retired miltary member I never expected my retired paycheck to go down but it did because of the rise in the FITW.

Rita Lewis

Would someone please write on this website and tell me why there was no COLA given for this year? I know this is based on the Consumer Price Index published by the Dept. of Labor, but how did they decide there was to be no COLA in this economy. Did they have “help” in deciding this?

Rita Lewis

I think the bill to eliminate automatic raises for Congress is a great one! And they shouldn’t get a raise at all if there is no COLA and/or the economy is going down hill. I know they rejected their automatic raise for this year, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why. It’s called VOTES in 2010.

Clyde Swann

Cheryl T. Does make you wonder about loud commercials, because there is already a FCC regulation that has been in place for many years about that very subject. And Susan Brewer, I also just found out about our new tax hike. I called DFAS and was told that Obama cancelled the tax reduction that he put in place in early 2009. Great way to screw the military retirees, especially by somebody who is a Marxist/Socialist and never been in the military.

Edith kenna

Congress is not entitled to any automatic pay increase..they are overpaid as it is. They have clearly forgotten thay are elected and not annoited. I believe the foolishness of Congress and its ongoing ineptitude is a rallying point for Dems, Republican and Independent voters in the USA. We don’t even run the PTA like this. Waste and greed; politics first. They deserve no pay increase in any way automatic ever. It appears to be true that greed has eaten democracy, and citizens should band together to demand that Congress represent the people. Maybe it is time for term limits.

Lee Byrd

Congress should hang their heads in shame and shame on us for putting these double standard theives back in office. I will be looking for new repsentation. If they were christian men in congress once they got to Washington they seemed to have forgotten who they really serve. Shame on them and I pray they will all change their selfish ways and put the people first who put them in Washington.

No Salary Increase for Congress in FY 2011 – The WashingtonWatch.com Blog

[…] year, many bills were introduced to prevent Congress from receiving a pay increase, and Congress did finally deny itself an […]


My wife is a 3rd grade elementary teacher. Not only did they take back her increase she received from the year before, she will not get an increase for at least the next three years as a result of budget cuts. They need to set an example.

DOD Working Poor

I recieved the Obama pay raise which after the bean counters got finished was 1.2 percent NOT even 2 percent as claimed.
On my government pay alone, my insurance went up 8.4 percent.
So tell me how I am getting fat on working for the government.
Just another long line of poor elected officals being out of touch with the real world. Private planes for both speakers plus government paid protective services… let them both fly coach and go through exactly the same TSP crap the peons have to live with. Frankly our elected officals are so out of touch that “alice in wonderland” actually makes sense to them.
One term and send them home is going to be the only way we can get true representation in our government. Obama and the cronies answer to no one. he is quite probably a decent person but he needs to realizes election speeches are not needed, he got the job… now just work at it.

Clyde Swann

We all know it is nice to be charitable, the Christian thing to do, right? And the world knows that America is the most charitable country in the world. Military assistance is nice and logical in the Haitian disaster, but it is also said that “Charity Begins At Home”. Now our government in addition to the military help, wants to send 400 million dollars (our tax dollars) to Haiti. Great! Good!, but what about all the senior citizens in THIS COUNTRY that that 400 million dollars would help. Some of the Haitians that have no food are still eating better than our own seniors. I am by no means an isolationist, but I do think that our government should start taking more responsibility in the welfare of our people here at home.

Leila McManus

Everyone should have known that once congressmen voted in a pension for themselves, their jobs automatically became a career. As for automatic raises for the congressmen, they should be automatic only until they’re not. That’s the method used for Social Security. Just tell the lie that there is no inflation. Everthing that Seniors buy is hyper-inflated.
And everything they buy is higher this year than last year. We need a 100% sweep in Congress. And I do mean everyone of them.

Dennis Flynn

I’m not certain as to what the underlying motives are for this, but, I have to think it’s an effort on the current administration’s part to attempt to assuage some of the anger that persons who are receiving Social Security/Disability benefits. The following is an excerpt from an e-mail I received from our 7th District (CA) Congressman:

“A failure to provide a Social Security COLA in 2010 for seniors could not have come at a worse time. As a result of the most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression, our nation’s seniors are experiencing a major decline in their living standards. Many have seen their savings disappear, their pension funds severely decline and the value of their homes dramatically diminish – all while poverty amongst seniors has gone up, as has the number of seniors declaring bankruptcy. At the same time, the costs of prescription drugs and health care continue to increase. Seniors deserve a fair increase in benefits to keep up with these added costs and economic hardships.

Earlier this year, Congress passed and the President signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to create jobs and help Americans struggling with the economic turndown. The bill provided a $250 economic recovery payment for seniors and disabled veterans.”

There’s more – too much for the space alloted here. I’m STILL getting e-mails from our congresswomen about the COLA not being justified because of inflation not rising; they simply don’t get it.

Congressional Belt-Tightening – The WashingtonWatch.com Blog

[…] Congressional Belt-Tightening Act of 2010, and it’s sure to be popular on this site, like the plans to stop salary increases we’ve seen […]

Edward Papa

There should be a bill that requires Senators and Representatives to travel via common carrier on their own dime. Then there would be no need to devote time and effort to scrutinizing their travel and entertainment receipts. Let them do as we do, let them deduct from their taxes if eligible.


best way to fix healthcare is make the politicians pay their own with no raises to cover cost.FOR THE PEOPLE MY ASS,GET OUT AND VOTE

Jeanie Alford

A fine sack of worms. He who sups with the devil should have a long spoon,

bob tallon

A person just has to except the fact that the congress and senate are criminal organizations this may sound like an over simplification but it is not. These men and women very quickly evolve into a form of arrogance and hubris that manifests as an entitlement mentality. We play our role by crying to them as victims instead of voting out ever incumbent in office. We believe the press spin on every issue and vote the press story and flavor.

Namcy James

The waitress that takes your food order takes home minimum wage. If our elected officials started at the same wage, we just might get some hardworking people that understands the working stiffs that wear work clothes instead if $1000.00 suits. Americans need to wake up to where we are headed. That waitress cannot imagine a $150,000.00 salary in a life time much less a year. How can someone making the big bucks flying first class in $1000.00 suits even know where to start representing this waitress?

L. Williams

It’s so sad that we live in a country where our politicians think more of their perks than they do of the people they represent. Example: How can congress in good faith vote themselves a raise while the country is suffering. But, guess what, they’ll give you some stupid answer to try and justify it. (that’s a politician)


This makes me so angry. I am 67 years old, and live on $1,200.00 per month. That’s $14,400.00 per year. They get my yearly income weekly and monthly…. We don’t get an increase in 2010 or 2011, yet my Medical Insurance went from $46.00 to $66.00 per month in 2010, and is going on up to $69.00 per month in 2011, plus $10 & $35 Dr. copays, plus Prescription costs, plus my Insurance I have to pay SS monthly.
I’ll tell you what, if I had the money, I would be in Washington now with a picket sign in my hand. I would rile up somebody and disturb someones comfort zone. This is not fair, especially since they “BORROWED” money from the Social Security account, and have never paid it back. Shouldn’t someone get irritated enough to make the FED department pay it back? Now, we get to pay for the Medical processing system so the Congress and the Senators can track our medical history at the cost of $245,000,000.00. That’s the reason for no increase to seniors in 2010 and 2011…… Yes, well it has been said that the aged would be euthenized, and I believe it. They will worry people like me to death because we can’t live with our costs anymore, and yes we can worry ourselves to death for all they care. Oh, I failed to mention, this is for that wonderful, NOT, good health plan of Obama’s. I hope they appreciate that all the seniors are paying for it……… Jackasses………… Barbar Boxer wrote me a response when I asked her to vote that marraige was between a man and a woman and she responded with “This is rediculous. It’s going to win anyway and I don’t have time for this nonsense.” “Well, BARBARA, I’m loaded with enough time to get you voted out of the Senate. Bank on it.” One day, we will stop them from retiring at their rate of pay now, for the rest of their lives…… And, we’ll change their Insurance to get Obama’s kind. Good enough for us, then good enough for them…….. Who do they think they are?????

I apologize for running subjects together, but I don’t apologize for saying anything I have said. I AM ANGRY!!!!!

Larry W. Mayes

Some in Congress aggravated of debt problem but warn of people carrying pitchforks. We have those pitchforks in our hands EVERY TIME the polls are open and we still re-elect the Rangels, the Boxers, and Pelosis on some sort of blind maniacal whim instead of thinking about our country, our futures and our legacy. You know, the ones we nurture from birth, wrestle with on the floor, comfort when hurt or ill, are so thrilled when they get their first A on their report card or give you a bowling trophy that they found next to the trash of a foreclosure. Yes, those things with sticky hands that look up to you and love you for loving them.

Then we betray them by voting for clowns to represent our State our neighbors and our all too soon grown children and grandchildren who MUST have moneys beyond reasonable taxes taken out of their pay to support those just happy to take all they can. Are you too cowardly to use that “pitchfork” VOTE to save the not quite perfect treasures of your life?

Hank Neigel

These people ust have been on drugs even thinking about a pay raise after putting this country in the shape they did. Well, I did my part and helped get rid f Chet Edwards in this last election and I will continue to do my job during the next election. We need to get rid of that almost president that the liberals put in office in 08. Plase do your part in the comming election.

Hank Neigel

These people must have been on drugs even thinking about a pay raise after putting this country in the shape they did. Well, I did my part and helped get rid f Chet Edwards in this last election and I will continue to do my job during the next election. We need to get rid of that almost president that the liberals put in office in 08. Plase do your part in the comming election.

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