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Who’s Paying for that Presidential Library?

[Update: The bills referenced in this post appear to have been introduced now. While it’s not a certainty that these are the bills to be considered on the House floor, H.R. 36 is a newly introduced bill dealing with donations to presidential libraries, and the Presidential Records Act amendments are H.R. 35.]

The bills featured in this week’s Digest are not the only ones going to the House floor this week. A couple more await Congress’ consideration. (As in the Digest, because the bills to be considered haven’t been introduced yet, we’ll use bills from the last Congress to illustrate things here.)

The first is the Presidential Library Donation Reform Act. (H.R. 1254 in the 110th Congress.) The bill would require any organization that raises funds for a Presidential library to disclose the sources and amounts of such funds on a quarterly basis. Obviously, giving funds to a presidential library could be a way to inappropriately curry favor with a president. Collecting and maintaining those records would cost the average U.S. family about $0.18.

The second is the Presidential Records Act. If this is the same as the “Presidential Records Act Amendments” Acts introduced in the 110th Congress, it would create a process for allowing a former president to assert claims of executive privilege when his or her records are scheduled to be released. The cost of the bill per U.S. family is minimal.

You can take a look at all the bills pertaining to presidential records here.

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