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Dreams of a Well-Lit Christmas

Every family should have a Christmas light display like the one depicted in this YouTube video. And H.R. 4502 means to help you do that. The bill would temporarily suspended the duty on certain Christmas tree lamps.

According to this report from the United States International Trade Commission, there are about $557,000-worth of incandescent Christmas tree lamps imported into the U.S. each year. (LEDs are a different product, and strings of lights are classified as “Christmas tree lighting sets.”) The overwhelming majority of Christmas tree lamps are imported from China.

The duty on Christmas lights is 5.8%, which means that Americans spent $32,000 more on Christmas lights than they had to last year. Maybe this money went to good causes, but what cause could be better than the display below?

With little time left in the current congressional session, there is almost no chance that this bill will pass, but opposing this bill is like opposing Santa Claus.

I call on Congress to immediately reconvene in special session to pass this bill.

You can show your support by voting for H.R. 4502, and by encouraging friends and loved ones also to vote. Don’t let them be on the wrong side of Santa Claus, people. The current vote is tallied below.

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