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Welcome 1,000,000th Visitor!

We’re pleased to announce that WashingtonWatch.com has had one million visitors so far this year.

The site is on pace to easily double the number of visitors from last year, after growth of 350% in 2007. (Hey it’s easy to grow from the really low numbers in 2006.)

With the introduction of the WashingtonWatch.com blog in July this year, we’re doing even more to bring the workings of Congress home to the American people.

The blog provides a little Washington-insider perspective, ties the news of the day to Congress’ action, reveals the human stories behind the bills that get introduced, and throws around a little attitude.

We’re working hard – and succeeding – at building an active and aware, Web-enabled citizenry. That’s you! Thanks for reading, and for visiting the site.

We’ll develop more statistical information at the end of the year. And in 2009, we’ll roll out some fantastic new features that will make the site more useful, more fun, and more heavily trafficked than ever.

For now, welcome visitor number 1,000,000!

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Gary D. Staffeldt

With the necessity of a grass roots involvement in our governmen, and to provide direction by its people. We need a immediate collective response media ie the internet, to our federal, state, and local governments to provide them with a more direct and documented ability to hold these elected officials accountable on the pertinent issues of the day. It must be easy to learn and access for daily use. Is there anything present day in existence?

Amos Davis

I have never been a 1,000,000th anything (Visitor) or anything else. If this is in fact true, then I feel honored to be a part of Washingtonwatch.com history.

I use this site to locate information on pending and enacted legislation from the U. S. Senate, House of Representatives, and the Office of the President. I hope all Americans have the opportunity to visit this information rich treasure chest.

Here Comes Democracy! | Think Tank West

[…] WashingtonWatch.com, attaches cost estimates to the bills in Congress and recently welcomed its millionth visitor for the year. The Sunlight Foundation has a list of insanely useful Web sites, each exposing some […]

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