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More Assessments of the Candidates’ Legislative Skillz

Back in late August/early September, I did a brief assessment of the presidential candidates’ legislative activity – one window onto how they might behave in the White House. Oh, and one for the V.P. candidate, too.

Here are the posts on Senator McCain’s priorities, Senator Obama’s priorities, and Senator Biden’s priorities. My brief follow-up on the Democratic candidates is here.

I’m not the only one who thought of looking into their legislating, of course. Donny Shaw at OpenCongress has done an assessment of the legislative accomplishments of the two presidential candidates. It’s quite thorough, including the 109th Congress and amendments sponsored by either candidate, which can be significant.

(But my analysis came out first! Whaddya want, quality or . . . speedity . . . ?)

Looking further, the Obsidian Wings blog has a similar analysis. It’s good, too. Quite a bit better than you’d expect from a blog named for something that will never fly.

So there’s more perspective on the candidates’ legislating. No guarantee of what it tells you, but it tells you something.

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